December 27, 2013


The last six months I was traveling: 3 first months I was hitch hiking and backpacking from Portugal to Istanbul and back to Madrid. We had very few money, challenged ourselves and tested our limits. (read more here) I will not lie: I cried many times, I felt a piece of sh*t, I missed so much my bed, the idea of opening a fridge full of food whenever I want, driving a car, any CONFORT... but I learned so much in the way! Learned how to survive and to appeal to the soliedarity of others. Right now I feel stronger to accept any challenge (I call problems - challenges) and to survive in any situation BUT I also know this is a process of evolution and during my life I will learn more and have many difficulties to deal with. But isn't this the meaning of life? Imagine your life perfect, no challenges, how boring!

I also develop my awareness, my mind is clear, I respect everyone's points of view and try to see the two sides of the coin (I mean, I listen both parts in case of tension). I feel more spiritual then ever, being a reiki begginer and read "The Celestine Prophecy" book helped me. I look around and I see the beauty in every single thing. My heart is open, I feel like spreding the love to the Universe. I'm reborned!

The last 3 months we were in North California. I thought California was South California, the hot place with cool beaches, San Diego and Los Angeles but when I visit (or lived in) North California I changed my mind, I found a beautiful California so rich in Nature and People. Instead of beach we had the country side, we visit many different properties, plantations, animals! How cool is it to drive and find turkey or deer or squirels or wild cats in the way? Watching animals in the wildlife is one of my favorite things in life.
I met beautiful souls who gave me work in farms, they weren't my boss, they were FAMILY. Took care of me, feed me organic food, gave a comfy bed and made sure I was warm enough (Thanks for the Eskimo boots, Bonny!) These heart family members have money and SHARE with people they love. I'm the lucky one I know! I didn't work with fixed schedules, I made breaks whenever I feel like, in the end of the "shift" we would make a small party... e v e r y d a y. The dream job I know :D

We saved enough money to LIVE for at least 6 months and we spent tons of money in our road trip and two last weeks in California. We ate delicious food in fancy places, we stayed in hotels (never happened before to me while traveling alone or with Bruno), we visit all places we wanted even if you gotta pay $30 or more for a ticket. But mostly we shared our money with locals, shopping in markets, handmade and local stores. No Fast food (or junk food) or Walmart. We deny giving money to multi billionaire people or even contribute with 6 years old children working in factories. Now a days every product I buy I think first where it might came from. I know how hard is to not buy things made in China but I try my best.
Mostly I'm not rich because I don't need to work the next months, I'm rich because I met such amazing human beings, I'm rich for all the different experiences I had, I'm rich because I have supportive and adorable friends and family.

I'm soooo grateful for these experiences but I'd like to mention that I'm not better then anyone. My friends and friends of friends here in Portugal hug me and tell me how much they wish to travel as much as I do, that I inspire them and to congratulate my Blog :) THANK YOU SO MUCH  No one is superior to anyone, that's the reason why I don't believe in God. I'm not as brave as you (I can't go on a rollercoaster or bungee jumping), I just take the opportunities that life gives me. Open your heart and soul and you will see your life full of happiness.

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  1. I like that you admit there were bad times too - I know the good always outweigh the bad, but I feel like some people just lie. Thank you for not doing that, and I'm very glad you had such an amazing time!


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