December 5, 2013


OMG! OMG! OMG! 2 weeks and I'm in Portugal, after 6 months in Europe and California. And... my first Winter in 2 years... will I survive? I was doing good chasing the Winter but I felt like celebrating Christmas with my adorable family.

In the meanwhile I arrived San Francisco safe and happy! Since I'm a young girl, San Francisco is on my travel list, many songs from the 60's and 70's are about this place, also the hippie movement had big impact here and I'm sooooo into this time of History. I wasn't wrong: I can say San Francisco is one of my fave cities, I'm not a city person but common it's situated in a BAY, do I need to say anything else? We are sorounded by water, everybody smiles at you in the street, international food available in every corner.

How did I get here? Middletown > Calistoga > Napa > Vallejo > San Francisco. When my friend Dan said we could arrive San Francisco in a ferry boat, I opened my eyes wide, made a huge smile and said YYYYEEEEESSSSSS. So we caught the bus in front of the Casino of Middletown at 6.45am to Calistoga ($5). From there you ask the driver a transfer to Napa, it's free ticket. From Napa to Vallejo you pay $1.50. When you get in Vallejo don't mess around because the ferry boat is about to leave (10am - $13). Tweenty bucks and 4 hours later we arrived in San Francisco Port, what a perfect welcome.

Tourist Pictures!! Soon I'm gonna dye my hair orange, bye bye boring dark brown. Need a change!

View from the top hill in ChinaTown. We thought about renting bikes to explore the city but soon I realized there are too many hills. 

ALL IS ONE. Beautiful sentence in the front door of Hard Rock Cafe.

If you ever come here you gotta deal with many homeless, people bagging for money, food or... weed! Brad told me that bagging is just a job for this people, they get same money as your salary!! Wanna beg in SF? ;)

This boat with the Golden Bridge in the back is exactly first thing that comes to my mind when I think about San Francisco.

We only got here today so haven't seen much. Tomorrow Jenn is arriving directly from Maine, so we will go on a Road Trip along the pacific Coast until Los Angeles. We will come back to SF on December 10th or 11th and then I will post the San Francisco Part II. In the meanwhile you will get news from me directly from a nice and hot beach hehe

Did you ever visit San Francisco? Can you give me suggestions of what to do/visit?
Much Love and Harmony. Marta.

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