April 12, 2013


Yes you read it right. There are people out there travelling with their bikes, cycling thousands and thousands miles! OH BOY! And we were lucky enough to meet up Marie Walker  a sweet 22 years old american girl who is on a bike tour from USA until Argentina. When we meet up we were couchsurfing in Panama City at Leslie's and Seth's on March and right now she's in Colombia and it's been a year since she left her country. How amazing is this? And yeah she has camping tent, sleeping back, oven!! Just don't have Money so if you feel like helping her out donating some of your funds just click here to check her blog and paypal account.

Today I was reading her blog when I came across with this post about me and Bruno and with pictures!! I was soooo excited!!! It's the first time someone wrote about me as travel mates. Well, Andres from Russia wrote as well but in russian and you know how bad Google translator can be. This post made my day, did I told you how much I love to travel? The chance to meet people all over the world who stays in my heart? I love you so much ♥

This beautiful human being is an inspiration, so you ask where do I get courage to travel the World? What about Marie? She's a superHero. I  asked Marie to write down a text about her cool adventure to post here, fingers crossed for a positive answer because I know you are as curious as Iam!!! :D

Marie, Leslie, me, Bruno and Seth. They hosted us for few days in Panama City and yeah even though this couple is around 70 years old, we had a blast! They have this young spirit I hope to have forever *

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