December 29, 2013


I posted about this yesterday here, but there's more stuff I wanna share with you :)

 I'm a sucker for grannie glasses, this are in vintage perfection. The other item I'm still trying to figure out what is it? I thought was a bookmark and then Bruno said was for the hair to keep a bun or so... 

I have this exactly book from the 70's in portuguese, I scored for fifty cents in a Flea Market in Almancil. It's very interesting and give you good tips for sewing. Also the projects are fun, you wanna do them all. I bought this book to sell in my online vintage store, feel welcome to purchase it here :)

These three books are perfection :) They are from the seventies and eighties but still from now a days necessities. The Guide of entertaining has the most beautiful vintage images! (and great tips too)
Buy these books click in the title you are interested in:

Mushroom curtains!! Why do I only find vintage mushrooms in the States? Why? Why?

I almost bought them in Walmart, I'm glad I found in the thrift store. The pens I bought in Staples because I can't live without colorful pens, but to be honest I don't like them as much I like the orange Stabilo pens.

The History of Taxis worldwide booklet. I think it was free from the San Francisco Airport 10 years ago... at least that's my understanding from the back cover.

Owls are another difficulty to find In portugal and they are so gorgeous! A real vintage collector has many owls In their collection ;)

This tartan suitcase has damage in the zipper but I will try to repair so I can sell it. Otherwise I will keep it for my scarfs.

Iam out for new years eve celebration, my friends and rent a house in front of the ocean in Mil Fontes, will show you this traditional place later. 

Happy new year everyone! I hope all your dreams come true, take care of your health, love yourself and others. Peace, light and harmony in your path. Much love, Marta

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  1. I love the pink sunnies and the vintage books! Great finds!


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