December 28, 2013


Off course I brought tons of experiences to share but I also have my materialistic side, I just try not to buy excess or stuff I don't need (what I do is: "Marta think, do you really really need this? For what?") and mostly of these stuff I'm gonna show you I bought as Second Hand in this fantastic Thrift Stores, Flea markets or Yard Sales for prices between $1 - $4.

It's a shame we don't have thrift stores or yard sales in Portugal but I attend flea markets every Sunday, we call them Feira das Velharias or Feira da Ladra in Lisbon every Saturday morning.
Long time ago, when the Flea Markets in my area (Algarve, Portugal) started sellers had antiques only but now a days the concept changed and you also can buy second hand clothes and actually anything, I'm always impressed with the weird items they sell, one day I will take pictures and post about it.

The Economic Crisis made people who doesn't like second hand sell in flea markets and I'm impressed that there are 2 second hand stores I know and 1 furniture one (this is a social project where ex-drug addicted people work: in the store and driving/helping with moving. This way they have a job and money to rent a house and buy food, becoming independent and stop using drugs)

 Can you reconize I love rainbows so much? :) This apple bookmark is so cute and it says: "I make the difference" can't wait to use it in the next book and read this sentence many times. The fabric is perfect for small sewing projects, any idea?

This dress, oh this dress. I couldn't believe in my eyes when I saw it, so vintage: the fabric, design, details and it was 4 bucks. Summer come soon so I can wear this beauty.

I love this victorian dress so much <3 a="" any="" basis="" but="" crossing="" daily="" event="" fancy="" fingers="" friends="" get="" i="" in="" it.="" it="" m="" married="" my="" not="" or="" other="" p="" s="" to="" wear="">

When I find something related with Maya Civilization I just can't leave behind, that's exactly what happened with these handmade plaster wall decorations, I believe came from Mexico.

This small pillow is so gorgeous with wisdom words. It was my message for this Christmas ^_^

"The Law of Return" Book - Buy Here

Can you tell I'm in love with indian culture? Chai, Nag Shampa Incense and Learn Hindi dvds :) Yes, I'm gonna learn hindi... one day. The best motivation is to know I'm going to India so I just found the best excuse to visit my favorite country :D

Vintage National Geographic Magazines are my faves because after read them I clip all the pictures and make some DIY project. These images are gonna be to cover a box, where I'm gonna save the items of my shop online. 

How cute are these wall hanging from 1981? Perfect for bathroom decoration or for the doors of restaurants.

I'm coming back tomorrow with the Part II. Tonight will have dinner at my friend Su and then it's Reggae Night :) I will dance my ass off for sure.

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