July 17, 2014


The movie The Drifter reminds me of my travel story but this one is related to surf and Bali. In the end of the movie Rob Machado says: "Everything moves in cicles. I thought being completly isolated would bring peace of mind. But now I realized that is the people around us who bring our experiences to life. We dream of the perfect wave, the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect love. And when we get there... we dream of something else."
You can watch on youtube here, in english with portuguese subtitles. It lasts less then one hour!

This pyramide by Sarah Lazarovic makes me wonder... It's definitly a good way to consume less but you turn too dependent if you are borrowing all the time. oh! I wish we had thrifts shops just like the States.

Wanna learn how to get high without the use of drugs or plants? I might try one or two of these tips at some point but it requires a lot of spiritual work.

Nath just moved and is currently doing 108 days of a new life. I'm following her path because I found her target pretty interesting and inspiring.

I still have to work on my 2014 goal of making my own organic products. Found this recipe for Shampoo bars for dry hair. In english and portuguese.

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