April 4, 2014


Heyaaa guys, what have you been up to? I guess it's about time to go back to my 2014 Goals List and check how I'm behaving during these three months. I think I'm in the way but I can always do better, I'm pretty sure by the end of the year mostly of my goals were complished. Let's take a look.


* Make a tattoo
I have my redwood tree draw done but it's big size so I'll need 3 sessions of 6 hours at least, means I need to settle down and have it done. In the meanwhile I had this idea of doing henna in my hand or foot and then make it a tattoo. Photo Source.

* Stop using Microwave 
Used one time only when I was busy. It's not handy at all to warm up food in the stove, dirty panes and more work but it's all for my good health.I'm pretty sure that restautants I ate use it as well to warm up food. Should I start asking the chief to do not use microwave? hihi

* Do Volunteer Work 
Me and my friends organized a party with live music and all the profit went to an orphanage. Besides that all the associations that needed volunteers were far away and I don't have a car, that's a big bummer. Will volunteer in Morocco, but don't know where yet.

* Attend Boom Festival 
Got the ticketttt! Now let's be patient and wait for August for a wonderful time in Idanha magic lake.

* Travel to Iceland, Belgium, Amsterdam, Switzerland, Morocco and South America
I'm in Morocco right now. Europe will come during Summer time. Iceland not sure anymore since the flight tickets are a bit expensive, but oh boy I so wanna go there.

* Start a Recipe Book 
I did myself the recipe book but didn't try any goodies yet. Bringing a recipe book while backpacking is not really important right? :D

* Watch all of these 166 documentaries to expand my consciousness 
Seen ThriveWhat Would It Look Like?, Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, Garbage WarriorThe Indigo EvolutionPsyWar: The Real Battlefield Is the MindConsuming Kids: The Commercialization of ChildhoodAyahuasca: Ancient Plant MedicineFood Inc. Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil Crisis  Manna: The Psilocybin Mushroom Documentary and Samsara. Makes a total of thirteen documentaries seen... a long way still. Maybe if I watch 50 should be alright? hehe Many of these documentaries are pretty interesting, you learn tons and make you think about your attitude towards our planet, how we live, what is surrounding us, tips to live a sustainable life, inspiring projects, the truth on subjects we never thought about...In the other hand, there are few documentaries that I just watched few minutes and found them boring. Depends on your interests and stage in life right now, I guess. And there are few that I've seen already but will probably watch again, like Food Inc. it's good to remind the message behind ;)

* Go to the Theather to watch at least Three Plays.
Been to Sextas à Solta and looking forward to attend a play in Fes, Morocco.

* Stop eating Fast Food (Junk Food)
Doing great job!! Still eating french fries time to time *ooopsies*

* Buy as much Local as possible.
Doing great job!! All fruits and vegetables from local markets, other food I buy in small businesses. No super markets, malls and similars in my life. Buy Local, think global.
Market at Rabat's Medina (Morocco)
* Plant Trees 
Not yet. I have a feeling this will happen in South America.

* Give Reiki to myself and to others more often. 
Been doing to myself and to others but not as much as I wish. Will focus more in this goal, because I believe reiki (or the vital universe energy) is an important source to help others to live happier and healthier.

* Visit grandparents more often.
Doing good. Happened few times that no one was at home, maybe call first? When walking with Ricky (mom's dog), he always stops at grandpa's place, he knows it's supposed to visit them. How cute!

* Meditation every morning.
Doing terrible and only can blame myself and my laziness. The few times I meditated this year, I had a beautiful day :) I need to make meditation a daily habit, from then is gonna be much easier to focus on this goal.

* Update the blog 4-6 times a week
More or less 3 times a week. It's more difficult to update the blog while traveling since some places don't have internet acess and many times I follow the flow of the day and when I think about it, oh it's time to sleep.

* Learn more about antiques and how to restore vintage items.
I wish I could attend a Full Course but for now only by internet. I need to learn the theory and action, it's the best way to learn something.

* Learn how to make natural products
First I wanted to learn how to make natural hygiene products (tooth paste, soup, shampoo...) but now I wanna learn how to make ANY natural products. I have few recipes I wanna try like body soup and clothes soup. I thought water and vinager were good to clean the fridge but I learned that it's actually good to clean any surface at home. Half water with half vinager in a spray bottle is all you need, no chemicals or toxic.

* Read tweenty books 
I read three so far:
1. The Secret of Shambala. Easy to read, beautiful and inspiring story but I need a break from James Redfield reads, after reading 4 of his books in a row. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book.
2. The Little Prince. Always ready to read this tiny book, full of surprises and messages. The best is that it's for any age.
3. Daqui Ali. The travel book of my friend Pedro, about his adventure hitch hiking from Portugal to Singapure by land. I read this book in 2 days, so into it!

I think it's extremely important to support our friends music, books or whatever. If you have a little bit extra money try to spend on your friends talents. Usually artists are not as much supported as they should. Iam with you guys <3

* Make Road Trips in Portugal (or) Spain (or) France.
After Morocco we probably will spend a week or two at Bruno's grammies place. No one is there and I only visited Beira Baixa when I was young. So much to see in our beautiful Portugal.

* Make at least Ten DIY (Do It Yourself) Projects 
I have done Perler Beads Hearts and Recipe Book. More coming! Maybe something vintage or to do with gardening for a change, I have something in mind.

* Learn a Musical Instrument 
I said to myself I wouldn't leave Morocco without a musical instrument! So many to choose from and so well handmade but the truth is that I didn't find the one I really heart yet.

* Attend gigs of local bands.
Only twice but with Summer kicking soon, for sure I'm gonna attend many gigs.

* Dye my hair a bright color 
After Morocco. Blond Girls have a hard time in Morocco, every man want to marry them :) I wanted to have a relaxing time in Morocco so stay brunette is helping out.

* Attend Flea Markets: to sell, to buy, to trade.
To trade yes. Trade books mostly.
To sell no. Selling in the closest Flea Market (5 km) is now a pain in the butt. Rules changed because people were staying overnight in front of the market to make sure they would have a space, doing a lot of noise and even bonfires!! NeighbourHood complained and now you can sell in the Flea Market only if you have an Annual Transit. Haha. This is such a ridicilous situation or even sounds like a joke! What happens is that now when you go to this Flea Market, many spaces are empty because sellers choose when to go or not and the empty spot aren't occupied anymore! It's so sad to walk in the market and see a desert market, when there are so many people out there unemployed who needs so hard to make some money.

I'm slowly, slowly getting there and there's still 9 months to go, plenty of time. What about you guys? How's going your goals for 2014? My advice is to take it easy and read your goals every week, just to remind you where you wanna focus this year. Good luck!

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