July 5, 2014


I have this project in mind for a while. I love mid century furniture with a modern paiting touch!

Would you like to know which are the 100 most popular cities in the World? I've been in 30 of the list and I'm happy Lisbon is one of them :) These are the most popular, not the most beautiful! 

Kuikuros indians can still be found in Brazil. I'm glad there are still some tribes out there struggling with tecnology and power. This picture is simple but so pretty. 

This candy chocolate spoons look delicious, great for birthday parties or baby showers. Find the recipe here.

Art on the back, mandalas master piece. Found here, but no clue of the real source.


  1. Geeeeee You, in 30????! I was in less than 20 over 10 though :D but LIVED in many of those ehehe, Awesome subjects on this Blog-post!

    1. you are doing the real thing! Living and traveling is the best way to get to know the culture of the country :D

    2. Exactly! Everything is an experience and we learn from those and grow ... <3


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