July 7, 2014


(This is probably the most futile post I ever done but it's part of my 2014 goals I want to share in the blog)

Everytime I look at the mirror or I pass thru a shop window I can't believe is me, I mean, I needed a huge face change but this is too much :) I'm just getting used.
One of my 2014 goals was to dye my hair a bright color. I finally decided to dye pastel pink but to be possible I had to bleach my hair, I was a bit scared, especially after searching on internet more about bleaching hair and seen awful pictures of burned hair and holes in the top of the head.
My friend Nina, who's a hairdresser student needed a model to learn how to bleach hair so it was the opportunity, instead of doing myself I was doing it with a expert nearby, helping my friend and for free! To get the pastel pink I wanted I needed to bleach white blond, like a barbie doll but I didn't want to damage that much my hair so decided to bleach a bit and dye pink or ocean green afterwords.

When I saw the result I yelled, it's a real difference and being blond doesn't fit in my personality at all. But Nina's teacher loved it and said to wait at least two days and see if I get used to because I looked fantastic. I took the advice and now I'm considering keep blond until the roots turn brown again and then bleach white blond and dye pastel pink, like I desired.
Being blond (this is not really really blond right?) is just an unique experience for me and will live like this for a month!

Did you like my new look? What do you think about dyeing my hair pastel pink?


  1. Hello Lady, me likes, congrats, great goal-list also and Welcome =) :D Hehehe, I like the fact for wanting a change and not many can pull it up you know ;-) and seems like You can! Pink later? Nice! One kind advice: watch the bleaching part.. it may cause big damages on your hair. Speaking from experiences.. (I also changed my hair quite a bit.) Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will keep that in mind. I also heard about sun block for hair? If I find an organic one I will buy! Perfect because I'm on the beach avery single day and if not, I'm in a festival both getting tons of sun...

    2. Yes, just be aware of the damage can happen on your hair and did not hear of the sunblock, so keep us updated then :-) Looks nice on you what I see now! I agree: your friend did a nice job :P

  2. I love it! It looks like your friend did a really good job on your hair. And it still looks healthy and shiny even after bleaching it. :D


    1. Thanks Catarina! I was was afraid it would get fried and look miserable. Next time I'll bleach white (almost)

  3. It looks amazing! Especially because the hair looks so shiny and healthy, your friend must have put some healing magic into the hairdye :)
    I think it suits you well and am happy you keep it for a month. Looking forward to read about some of your experiences as a blondie and to see you with the pink haif later :)
    gudrun sanne


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