July 22, 2014


I'm so glad I found these pictures while organizing my photos folder. Fiesa is a Sand Sculpture exhibition that takes place in Armação de Pera (South of Portugal) every year from May to October. Every year is a different theme and I can't imagine how much work done behind these spectacular huge sand statues.

These pictures are from 2012 but you can see more Fiesa pictures at their website in english and portuguese version here.

Can you believe this is made out of sand? There are pretty awesome artists out there hein? It's also open during the night and they turn on colorful lights which makes this place magical.

Have you seen sand sculpture exhibitions before? Or sand constructions on the beach?


  1. (To your question) - no I cannot believe, they're made out of sand, whoa! :-)
    I have never seen sand constructions on a beach btw.. and U look cute, (of course) with a Peace sign! :D


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