March 6, 2014


I'm crazy about Carnival. Since I'm a baby I see my parents playing Carnival with their friends and this celebration pass thru all generations, one day if I have kids I hope they do the same!
Ok, nothing comparing with the famous and awesome Rio de Janeiro in Brazil Carnival (where everything started) but our Carnival is also full of joy, confetti, costumes, singing and dancing brazilian songs.

The costume part reminds me a bit of Halloween but the biggest diference is Halloween is one day and Carnival FOUR DAYS! I mean, four days and nights :) It starts on Friday with the schools, all the children on their costumes and as groups give rounds and rounds in Loulé's main avenue, where the Carnival takes place. At night party until the sun rises. Saturday until Tuesday is non-stop singing and dancing, 24 hours. Believe me when it's Tuesday there's no energy anymore but everybody has a big smile in their faces.

Ready for pictures? I'm warning you, it's heavy!

Carnival Cars have usually politicians theme, making fun of them. I'm glad we have freedom of expression :)

 When we were teenagers, we used to play with eggs, painting and other crap together, throwing to eachother. Nowadays I don't search for it anymore but there's always a friend or 2 who will throw an egg in my hair. Lucky, because it can go in your back, grooooosssss!

So cute this lil' police man, even pets are part of the celebration!

This is exactly what I look for when traveling: Culture. Loulé's Carnival is a tradition that started on 1906 and it's very alive. Festivities are fun, colorful and joyful.
Now time to show you my costumes. These are the best pictures, hope you enjoy!

 Me and my friends make a group and have same costumes at least for 2 nights. First night we were Super Heros, All recycled materials from previous costumes and clothes we had at home. We had a blast!

 Second night we were barbie dolls. I never wear make up so I felt soooo pretty and so unnatural. That's the coolest thing about Carnival: You turn someone you aren't and play around it.

On sunday it was free costume, Catia lend me her princess dress but it's definitly missing something in my hair... perhaps a crown?

Did you ever hear about Carnival? Would you like to attend at some point? You are very welcome in Loulé's Carnival, every year in the last week of February or first of March.

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