March 10, 2014


From 1969, this is such a cute, admirable and fantastic book. And it's not only the vintage colors and items in the images, also the text is pretty interesting with great advices how to throw a sucessful party. Vintage Books and Movies rock! By the way, watch Populaire, it's super!

The contents of this book are:
* Planning a Party
* Party Themes
* Around-the-clock Occasions
* Special Occasion Parties
* Holiday Parties
* Special Situation Entertaining
* Table Settings and Centerpieces
* Ettiquete
* Party Games
* Recipes for Entertaining

Look at this magical party equipment. My favorites are the ice maker, casserole and the hot-plate serving cart.

Do you have the same vintage books fascination? Do you collect them? Which is your favorite vintage book?


  1. That is AWESOME. I love vintage books.

    1. Yes! I love the dresses paterns and designs, the furniture, the food, even the quality and colors in the pictures. This book was heavy to bring from the States but I'm not regreting a second

  2. What a wonderful book! I so love vintage decor magazines and recipe books. This one is so much fun! The cover picture is amazing! I want that living room!

    1. Oh boy me too! You know, sometimes when looking at these pages I feel like junping inside them and live there for a while :)

  3. I absolutely love this book, too. I've never owned a copy of my own but have looked through it in antique malls. Love the costumes, staging, colors, etc.

    1. I guess it's "Better Homes and Gardens" series that are awesome. I seen some cool vintage books from your etsy shop from them.

  4. I am a bibliophile, and I do love vintage books. This one looks like a hoot! I bet there are some wonderful recipes in it.

    Linking from Mod Mix Monday,
    Ricki Jill

  5. It constantly amazes me that items from the 1960s are considered vintage! If that were true, both my children are in the "vintage" category. I don't think I'll sell them on etsy, though!

  6. Great book, I have never seen it before. I love vintage Better Homes & Gardens magazines & this book would fit right in. I always wonder what happened to all this fabulous stuff in the photos that might have been mass produced back then. Pitched?


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