March 5, 2014


This is the last week of the month so last pictures of the challenge. I enjoyed a lot taking part of this but obviously I was super excited the first week and less excited the rest of the month. This is me. But I think it was lots of fun to wake up, check the word for the day and dream about the daily picture.

At night I checked all the other pictures from the participants. Many times I felt down because mostly of the pictures were way better then mine but soon I understood that comparassion is not allowed here because some of participants have a Design or Photography course or have PhotoShop skills. But mostly I was happy to see so much creativity going on! When there are no rules you can fly anywhere and come back with a genious idea. Good Job Everyone!!

Now, sharing my last pictures. Some still from the "1 day take 6 pictures because I was too lazy the last days". Hope to do something like this again soon to work my laziness and the fact that I'm only excited the first days... I wanna change!

 Day 24 - Button. Inspired by the vintage buttons I'm selling. (And sold these ones) 

 Day 25 - Strangers. When you have no inspiration at home just get out! In 10 minutes I took 4 (late) pictures for the challenge. For this one I tried to sneak a picture of ukrains making a picnic on the beach, I pretended I was a tourist taking pictures of the beach only but soon they realized it was to them. I just left faking it wasn't with me. lol.

 Day 26 - Sound. I thought about many sounds but nothing brilliant came to my mind so decided to pick some flower confetti and draw a treble clef as a music symbol. 

 Day 27 - 11 Am. I was dreaming about my Morocco Trip. Can't wait to get out Portugal, it's been almost 3 months I'm here, geeeez!

Day 28 - Sun. The Tribal Sun that will follow me the rest of my life.

I hope you liked these pictures as I do. Which week do you think I was more inspired? Any tips for my photography improvement? They are very welcome.

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