November 27, 2015


I was about to leave to California and couldn't leave without a dinner out with my closest friends. We spent hours sending sms back and forward trying to find a restaurant that all liked. We actually wanted something new in the area, so we didn't have to drive much and could have some glasses of wine. 

Since I arrived from my South America trip in March I'd pass thru this place I had no idea what they were building but I had a feeling would be something different and special. In the meanwhile they opened and it looked all nice. All Summer long I wanted to go there to have lunch and kept forgetting. 

When Rita had the idea of trying Street Kitchen I said "Yeeesss" right the way. The other girls just trusted us. And they never regretted :)

The concept of Street Kitchen Restaurant is brilliant. They made two stores into one so you have two different entrances in two different streets. Love it! 
Although the whole space is connected as one, you can easily understand there are two different areas: one is more informal, vintage tables and chairs, pallets all over the ceiling, plants, pretty frames. Reminded me grandma's home with a modern touch. They really made a great job with decoration out there! We felt so good, home feeling you know, that we just sit in the table. That evening this area was empty so it was perfect to have some privacy, talk and laugh loud. #girlsnight

Personal details make all the difference. I love the fruits and vegetables in the entrance, it's like a warning you will eat a fresh meal. 

All shelves are handmade and you will find some awesome colorful paintings that give more color and life to the room. 

Let's move on to the next area:

I consider this area of the restaurant more formal. The huge chandeliers with the antique furniture gives the place a fancier sensation. All tables were handmade with pallets and glass for the base and you will find fresh flowers pretty much everywhere. 

The couch corner calls my name for a cup of tea or coffee in the end of the meal. I definitely gotta come back just to eat in this area of the restaurant!

Meals pictures were taken by Street Kitchen Staff

The evening I went to Street Kitchen I wanted to enjoy each minute with my friends so I didn't remember to take any pictures. When we left I made the promise to come back to take pictures and show the World this cozy restaurant with delicious food. 

Talking about food, there's a diverse menu to choose from: Pizza, Hamburgers, Chicken Kebab, Pork Vindaloo, Fillet Steak, Rack of Lamb or appetizers like Clams in Garlic and Olive Oil. Prices start at 7€ and can go until 17€, depends which meal. For lunch you have the Dish of the Day, a common meal in portuguese culture, usually you can choose from meat or fish meal for a good deal. 

I can tell you I enjoyed all appetizers including Shrimps in garlic sauce and the Pasta meal, I was really satisfied, my stomach was happy :) The deserts weren't very amazing, we order three different ones and only the mango mousse was OK. Our meal including two jugs of sangria was around 25€, I don't think it's too much for all we ate. 

Staff was nice, patient and gave us great tips of what to eat and drink. We felt welcome there! I truly recommend all of you who want to have dinner with your lover or your boss or all your family, your friends to come here. You can even decide which area of the restaurant you want to eat, this is a must!

Street Kitchen
Rua Vasco da Gama 7
8125-192 Quarteira

Phone: (00351) 289 142 922


  1. Adorei este sítio! Quando for ao Algarve vou de certeza passar por lá :) Além disso as tuas fotografias estão bem bonitas e acho que fazem jus ao espaço :D Agora que vieste para Lisboa, gostava de ver uns posts destes, mas pela cidade menina dos meus olhos :) *

    1. Obrigada pelos elogios. Escolhi um dia com bastante luz mas o sítio em si e assim bem iluminado :) eu vivia neste restaurante hehe

      Estou desejosa de explorar esses restaurantes da capital, especialmente os que oferecem brunch, estão tão bem decorados e a comida e uma perdição! E vá, vivia de Brinches, aquele come daqui e come dali e a minha cara. Beijinhos**

  2. Bem, mas que sítio tão bonito, Marta! Eu não conheço mesmo nada de Quarteira, mas se lá for um dia, faço questão de visitar esse restaurante. Não só a comida tem óptimo aspecto, como o espaço em si é extremamente convidativo. Adoro as plantas!

    Joan of July

    1. As plantas dão uma vida imensa ao espaço. Também achei a ideia das paletes no tecto um máximo, sentimo-nos tão cozy :)

      Já sabes, quando fores a Quarteira - Street Kitchen! Se lá estiver vou contigo *


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