November 21, 2015


While ago, I posted about me, in a tag game. I listed 25 things about me but 5 were false. Nobody really found out about all the false ones... and how would you? Not even my closest childhood friends will guess, so yeah, not really mad, it's ok :) 

Instead of just tell you which ones are wrong, I will go, one by one point and describe it, this way you'll learn more about myself. 

1. My dream job was being a journalist.

TRUE. Some kids have an hard time when somebody asks the typical question: What do you wanna be when grow up? For me was easy, I always wanted to be a journalist... until I was about to graduate from High School and decided it was a tough job, needed to work my butt off at least 10 hours/day and really wanted to have a life. Sometimes I daydream about having my own channel in youtube and be a journalist like I always wanted, interviewing people all over the World and make some serious and some funny documentaries. Who knows one day!!

2. My dad is racist.

TRUE. Although dad is very special dude and I love him tons, he has a narrow mind about subjects like people's colors and ethnicity or being gay. I had zillion conversations with him about this subject but he remains with the same opinion forever and ever. Every time he starts with a racist comment I'll make him "that" look and he knows he has to shut up, otherwise I simply leave. 

3. I went on a road trip in USA and explored all East Coast.

TRUE. I had the brilliant idea to buy a Chrysler Voyager seven seat van when I lived in Maine, USA and in the end of my staying me, my brother, my best friend and Jenn (coworker in USA and great friend) went on an adventure from North to South USA. It was amaziiiiing! I called it The Funtastic Road Trip.

4. I have been in 53 countries so far.

FALSE. I will get there though. I've been in 42 countries so far and you can see all the countries I've been here. (Yeah, I have a portuguese blog now!!)

5. I worked in Mac Donalds as my first job.

FALSE. Only if I had 10 kids to feed and a miserable life with no job choise I'd work in such place. I don't like Mac Donalds and similars. Food is Junk, isn't nutritious or fresh. All the money goes to a big coorporation. No no no. The worst? Dealing every single day with that smell. By the way, my first job was when I was 14 years old giving flyers from a Organic Shop called Nectar to people in the streets with my rolling skates. They paid me 25€ for 3 hours work every Saturday. Pretty good hein!!!

6. I have 2 piercings.

TRUE. Nose and belly bottom. I had one in the lip long time ago.

7. I love to spend an entire day at home watching movies while eating doritos and oreo.

TRUE. And I don't think it's a waste of time. Sometimes I need an entire day doing nothing but be entertained by movies and not so healthy food. Nowadays seems I'm changing to sunflower seeds with shell, it's so addictive. It happens once or twice a month, don't worry folks!

8. I’m pretty good at ice skating.

TRUE. Or rolling skating, like I said in number 5. Not boarding skate though!

9. When I was a kid I spent 2 weeks eating only corn flakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

TRUE. I got pretty sick! My friends would come over to visit but their fun stories about going to the beach made me super jealous. After this episode I started eating all kind of food. (Before I tried to avoid veggies, fruit and all things healthy... I was in a phase in my life I didn't like any food but corn flakes)

10. I want to have kids soon and bring them to my trips.

TRUE. I have been searching for an amazing autocaravan that fits our needs. Let's have the kiddos first!

11. My favorite food is pizza.

TRUE. I can eat pizza every single day. Pizza is this kind of food you can eat different all the time with fresh ingredients. I love Greek pizza with feta cheese and olives, or pineapple with ham, or vegetarian or 4 seasons. I can eat cold or warm pizza, italian or american style, doesn't matter, just gimme pizza pizza pizza.

12. I refuse drinking coconut water from a bottle.

TRUE. It doesn't taste the same. If I feel like drinking coconut water I gotta find a place with coconuts, makes all sense right?

13. I know how to sew in a machine.

TRUE. I learned via youtube and it was my mayor source of income for several months when I couldn't find a job.

14. I eat chocolate every day.

FALSE. Even though I love eating chocolate, I only crave for it when my menstruation is about to show up or I really need sugar in my body. Also, when trekking or working out, it's great energy right there. I'm learning to enjoy dark chocolate beacause is healthier.

15. I taught english in Asia.

FALSE. It's something that poped into my mind before (always finding ways to earn money to travel more, youuuu Marta!) but after a small researchI figured it was easier if english was my native tongue. South Korea and Phillippines would be the countries I'd choose.

16. I don’t like to receive flowers.

TRUE. I never liked the idea of picking up flowers. If I love them why killing them?! And then, giving someone something that is dead? I know, I'm being radical here but this is the way I feel. If you wanna give me flowers, I prefer chocolates. Just sayin´. 

17. I grew up living in 2 different houses in 2 different towns.

TRUE. It's one of the reasons why I cannot stay in the same place toooo long. I can't complain too much since every Summer I would stay in Quarteira, 5 minutes walking from the beach. Also, this way I had sooo mannnyyy friends. Oh dear, good times. 

18. When I was a teenager I used to be a big fan of BackStreet Boys and Spice Girls.

TRUE. And not ashamed. Because of them I improved big time my english, reading and singing their songs and looking for words I didn't know in dictionary (there wasn't google translator by that time)

19. I’m afraid of flying in an airplane.

TRUE. It's silly since I travel so much. Actually I just need to reach my destination aka country by plane and then I travel slow by land so I guess I travel wayyyy more by land. Anyway, I'm scared to heights and to be in situations you cannot really save your life if there's an accident. I so wanna get over this fear! I wanna start with scuba diving next year and some day I will sky dive. Yes, I can!

20. I was 8 when I had my first boyfriend.

TRUE. That young! It was such a cool relationship, we would share candy and play soccer together. Some french kisses and hugs between :D

21. I had eye surgery.

FALSE. Thanks Buddha, Ganesha and all gods and goddesses in the whole Universe, so far I haven't break a bone, had no surgeries and never been in an hospital (just for visiting friends/relatives), hope it stays like this for the rest of my life. Amen. 

22. Jump pictures are my favorite!

TRUE. It's incredible that we take 15 minutes to practice with 1, 2, 3 and in the end only 2 or 3 pictures are ok. Good thing we have awesome loud laughs all the time. There's always someone who haven't jump high enough haha

23. I believe in karma and reencarnation.

TRUE. Since I'm more into spirituality I read more about buddhism, I even joined a retreat where I learned more about dharma (buddhism teachings) and all they say about these terms make all sense for me. It's hard to believe that you die and that's it. I believe your body is no more functioning but your soul is somewhere else, ready to come to life in a new body as soon as possible. (depending on your karma) I also like that people start believing in karma and because of that they are better to eachother, Go go goooo! Be nice, always.

24. I dislike talking on the phone.
TRUE. Way toooo many hours wasted on the phone when I was a kid, I'd spend 3 or 4 hours with my best friend talking about everything and nothing. I definitely prefer to talk face to face. I'm rarely in the mood for it, if I miss tons that person... what will happen is that I will miss that person even more. Makes any sense?!! I don't like to talk on the phone, that's it!!

25. I don’t have a smartphone.
TRUE. By the time I posted this TAG I didn't have a smartphone but now I do. I tried to refuse it in my life because of so many reasons: I don't like to type in a touch screen, I'm super duper internet addicted, I lose/break things pretty easily, I like old fashioned. Buttttt, yeah a smartphone kicks ass! I really needed one just because makes your life so freaking easy man! Now I can take pictures and make videos, I can look in the internet for train schedules and I feel I'm following the online time World (eg. check facebook anytime of the day so I answer quickly my private messages) and Instagram, oh this social media is the best, so inspiring!

So now you know my answers, are you surprised?

I figured a bunch of people dislike or are shy about talking about themselves, I don't. Seems that I basically use this blog as my ego supporter. Thanks Shanti Free Bird! And Thank you guys to still read this crazy gal :) 

If you didn't take this Tag yet do it!! And leave a link below in the comments so I can guess your 5 false facts about you.

See you soon!! Much love, Marta.


  1. Hi Marta, long time :)
    Sorry, I'm not leaving any tag, my life isn't that exiting :P
    Anyway I just wanna comment on your childhood dream. I think you're doing something much cooler, which is being a blogger. Instead of being a journalist, covering other people's stories, you're a blogger, you're making us enjoy your own stories, your own adventure around the world. it's a win win situation, you enjoy the glob meanwhile, we the readers enjoy it with you. We are grateful and proud of you!
    An idea of a YouTube channel of yours already gives me chills :)
    Keep up the amazing work!

    1. Oh dear Oualid I always love so much your comments, they always bright my day :))) my channel will be a reality one day, I just need to learn how to make badass vídeos and be 100% confident with my apperance. I'm thinking to talk in portuguese with subtitles in english, what do you think?
      Big hug my friend xx

    2. Since you speak good English, I think you shouldn't limit yourself to one language. You can use them both! Or if the majority of your fans are Portuguese, then I agree, do it in portugese. Otherwise English would be more appropriate.
      One last thing, as I told you before, the thing that made your blog my favorite is your style of writing! your articles are not the very long boring type but still, they are very informative and with awesome pictures. So, maybe your videos should follow the same pattern? anyway that was just a suggestion.
      And don't worry about your appearance, just bring your usual positive energy and your beautiful smile, I'm sure you gonna rock :)
      Mucho love my friend xx

    3. Many thanks for your honest opinion, I will keep all in mind! I definetly need to improve my photography skills Abd already searching for a good school :) progress is a process that takes a lifetime. Miss you and your good vibes dude xx

    4. Then good luck my friend, don't hesitate to contact me if you need any sort of help :)
      big hug and say hi to Bruno!


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