November 23, 2015


Hello friends,
I know how much you like natural beauty products so I invited my dear friend Catarina from Joan of July to share one of her magical recipes with you guys :)

"Are you a fan of natural soap as much as me? I prefer naturally and handmade soap to any other alternative to wash my skin. By using natural soap you’re not putting any nasty chemicals or parabens into your skin or system.

I even learned how to make my own natural soap a few years ago and I love making them! I mostly use olive oil and sometimes soy wax in the base, then add some essential oils to give it a nice smell and to make it more appropriate for my skin type.

But… what happens when you find yourself with a bunch of old, unused soap and other pieces of used soap that are now looking less than fresh so now you don’t feel like using them anymore?

Well, I have an idea! Why don’t you put them all together and make your own natural shower cream? Trust me, it’s a lot easier than making the soap itself and you can do this with any kind of soap you have in your home!

Making your own shower cream is a great idea if:
>> You’d like to recycle bits of old and ugly looking soap you already have;
>> You prefer a liquid substance to shower with, instead of soap.

It’s so easy to do it, but I’ll tell you how to anyway!

How to turn your soap into shower cream

1.Gather your soap/old soap/bits of soap

2. Cut them into pieces

3. Melt them in the stove using a pan you wouldn’t use to cook food
Because - trust me - it will ALWAYS taste like soap after you use it.

4. Add some water

5. After that, reduce the goo to a sort of puree

5. Adjust your cream’s texture and add whatever you like

If the mixture looks too runny, as soon as it gets cold, the soap will try to solidify and - if you didn’t add enough water - it will. I don’t know how much I should tell you to put in there, because I don’t know how much soap you will be using, but I added a few cups.

And this is also the phase when you should put in all the oils and essential oils you want you shower cream to have.

In mine I used:
>> A bit of my body moisturizer;
>> Two table spoons of castor oil
>> A few drops of my essential oils (orange and rosemary)

6. Let it cool down

Please don’t skip this step before storing your shower cream!
It’s very important to see how it will settle after it has cooled down. If it hardens and is not liquid or creamy, put it back on the stove, melt it again and add more water.
Let it cool again and check the consistency of the cream. If you’re happy with, bottle it up or store it wherever you like! :)

Here’s what I did with mine:

And there you have it! :D

Could it be any easier? Only if there was a magical way to know how the consistency would turn out in the end, but that depends a lot on what kind of soap you use and how much you use it, so it will vary a lot from case to case. 

Anyway, I hope you liked this little DIY and that you put it into use so you don’t let your old soap go to waste. Now that I think about it, this is a very sustainable DIY recipe, isn't it? :D


  1. We just discovered this technique by accident. It is AWESOME, great way like she said, to use up soaps because when you're selling big batches (especially in a humid place like Florida) the humidity can make them tacky and unappealing over time.

    1. Hi Vanessa!

      That's exactly how and why I started doing this. Since my house gets a bit of humidity during the winter months, some of my soaps start looking a bit weird and unappealing, so I can't sell them. This is a nice way to still use them and avoid wasting perfectly good (although ugly) soap. :)

      Joan of July

  2. Replies
    1. THANK YOU Catarina to share your knowledge with all of us <3


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