January 19, 2015


Hello 2015! The most recent photo of me. Quito, Ecuador

Iam one of those people out there who make goals for the next year when the old year is coming to an end. I reflect about my year, what I could do better, what I visited, how can I improve as an human being, how can I help Mother Earth,all the things I've done, all the new knowledge I got, the goals I crossed and all the wonderful people I met. I'm always grateful for my years but I have to admit that there are some years that are tough and extra challenging.

2014 was the "Stand By" Year. What do I mean? I planned a bunch of stuff: To spend Christmas in Portugal (I didn't for 2 years straight because of what? Yeps, traveling), celebrate New Years Eve with my dear friends, in the end of January celebrate my 30th anniversary in Portugal and oh fun Carnaval is soon coming so let's stay a bit more in Portugal until it was better weather to travel Marocco for 5 weeks. In this trip I felt for the first time I was done with backpacking (traveling will be a part of my life, well I don't like to use the word forever, but it's the way I feel right now), Morocco is such a beautiful country with such interesting culture, I felt so welcome and visited such incredible places but my mind was somewhere else, I wasn't enjoying as much as usually I do when traveling.

When I finally understood what I needed, I already had Boom Festival Ticket in my hand. And would meet so many friends around the World there... but it was in August, it's only June? I couldn't start a Summer job because Boom Festival was in the beginning of August and felt wrong to just say bye-bye in the job that needed me more then ever in that month (August is super busy and packed with national and international tourists in Algarve). So what to do? Enjoy Summer! Meanwhile all my friends were working, I'm the type of person that always find something to do but I felt useless. That's when Tipi Algarve accepted me to do volunteer work during 3 weeks in their wonderful MotherLand glamping. This work came in the right time in the right place since I re-started to meditate everyday and felt connected with Mother Earth again. In the meanwhile I was planning my Euro Trip for 3 weeks in July.

August came with all the people around the World, my hometown was crowded, traffic jams, no space to place a towel in the beach but I was in Boom Land, one of my favorite Summer Festivals. My camp buddies were a great mix of friends and we made the most of the week. Aurea, my angle, so glad you joined the crew. Miguel it was so nice to meet you! (By the way where are the freaking festival pictures? haha) Ana, my bestie, the 3rd festival edition together, we made it happen!! Also, over the moon of happiness to meet my portuguese friends, non-portuguese friends and all the surprises with friends I didn't imagine they would be there.

In the end of September we would fly to the other side of the Ocean, but what to do in the meanwhile? I tried babysitting and I actually enjoyed it. I wouldn't do it as a full time job but I love to play with children and their honesty & innocence. We traveled and worked in California for 2 months, we met our dear friends again, these adorable beings we call our american family. I miss you Beth and Bill and Bonny and Clyde, you guys are absolutly genuine and awesome <3 nbsp="" p="">
November 27th, we arrived Bogota's airport. We didn't plan this at all! What happens is that you need a return flight when you travel in USA (we didn't want to go back to Portugal because we wanted to run away from the cold Winter) and you cannot book a flight to Canada or Mexico if you are not traveling somewhere else afterwords, so we searched in Skyscanner the cheapest flight from Los Angeles to any country of South America and it was... Bogota! Hola Colombia :) We were so busy the last 2 weeks traveling in South California that we didn't make any research about Colombia: where to go, what to do, currency, nothing! I only knew La Candelaria was a good area in Bogota to find good hostels. I had a cultural shock, my laptop broke, lost my cell phone and broke my camera screen... But I'm healthy and happy, that's what really matters. I'm enjoying a lot South America, especially the stunning Nature and Indigenous people but I think the Universe is sending few messages...

I don't like that I did a lot of waiting this year, I was looking forward for the next month to come so I could travel or go work. I enjoy more when my life is going with the flow, no big plans, no timings. But I think it was a great year, I found my way again and understood what really matters. I also learned that I can keep traveling in different ways, I can travel one weekend, one week or one month, I don't need to keep traveling 6 months to see and feel our planet.
Thanks a lot Shanti Free Bird Blog to keep me sane in 2014! Because of you I was spending my huge free time in a healthy way :)
And hey! I've been in Morocco 5 weeks, The Netherlands-Belgium-Luxemburg 3 weeks, 2 months in California and currently traveling South America with no return flight ticket. Yeahhhh!!! 

So, for 2015 I want to settle down. And I choose Portugal to live for several months (I don't want to say one year, who knows what future brings?). I want to live day by day with no expectations, no judgements, no big plans.


Wear Braces
Last year my dentist said I'd have serious jaw's problems in the future if I don't use braces soon. I don't play with health (Uhhh the traveler that never got an Health Insurance) so here we go!

Get skills! Photography, Website building, Photoshop and Cooking are some in the list.
I want to improve my blog, to organize it, I'm thinking about to migrate to a website. I want to learn to cook different international dishes, I want to eat healthier. I'm actually considering to add "Food" as a new category in the blog for a motivation and to share with you all the yummie stuff I've been doing. What about that? Do you like the idea?

To travel.
Is this still a goal? =) It's so part of me, so natural! I'm thinking about you Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Poland and Hungary. But not sure yet. This might change during the year.

That's it! I'm serious, my goals are only 3 for this year and I won't be strict with myself. Hey wait, I also have a bunch of the previous year to accomplish, so those will be added in this three list. Damn!

I would love to hear about your goals for 2015. Tell me, tell me what do you wish to become true in 2015? If you have a blog post about your goals feel free to copy-paste in the comments.


  1. Soooooo cute!
    Sorry I am behind, was feeling a lil' lost :(
    Hugs xoxoxo

    1. Heya girl! You have been missed around here =) please email me if you need to find yourself again ;) maybe i can help you with some friend words? big hug my dear

    2. I am reading your posts back ;))) & THX AGAIN! <3


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