September 15, 2014


Took this sunset picture few days ago in Armação de Pera, Algarve (Portugal)

"Hey Marta we are going on a road trip for 3 days, wild camping, relax on the beach, are you in?" - invited Ana. "Hmmm actually I don't feel like traveling again..." I answered.

After years of traveling almost non stop, making the world my routine, the people I met my teachers and students I got in a point that I got tired of traveling. I knew this moment would come one day, I love to experiment different things and after while I'm simply done.
Being with a heavy backpack on me all the time, moving places to sleep every 4 days or every week is killing me now. I don't have the energy anymore, I feel the need of settling down. But again, I know myself. I'll probably live in a place for 8 -12 months and then I'm done and need to travel again. And this is my life. I just follow my heart, my intuition, my soul to achieve happiness, you know happiness is not the goal but the process.

The options are endless, the World is huge but I don't want to think about it, I want to live the moment, to enjoy each minute and have an idea of what to do next. But no idea for next and next and next. The best plan is no plan, this way no expectations, no desilutions, no suffering (this is my buddhist side speaking).

But a girl can dream and I wish I could settle in a place which I could cycle everywhere, with a Cultural Centre, music and dancing on the streets, lots of events and workshops going on. I want to learn more about photography, video and photoshop so I can improve my blog apparence and I can learn new skills. I want to have 4 part time jobs :D One as a social worker, other in a hostel so I learn how does it work and figure out if I really want to have my own hostel one day, to work in a vintage store and one related with children. Besides all of these I want to do volunteer work, either with homeless, immigrants inclusion or help girls in risk of arrangement weddings. Mostly I want to feel useful, that I'm helping and contributing with the community/society.

Sadly for now I can't have dogs and cats, I can't have my own piece of land. Grow my own food. Invite friends and family to come over. I have to live years in one place... Am I ready for this step? Nop. Not yet.

What are your dreams? Which changes you need in your life? Let's give a chance to change... and to ourselves.


  1. Querida Marta,

    Que palavras tão sábias e inspiradoras! É preciso ter muita coragem para reconhecer e admitir aquilo que sentimos, mesmo quando parece "ir contra" a nossa natureza... É necessária uma grande humildade para nos deixarmos levar pela nossa "voz interior".

    Também me considero estar a atravessar um período de mudança, ainda que não saiba ver com clareza para onde é que ele me vai levar. Tenho-me deixado ir, conforme aquilo que sinto. Mas que aventura que tem sido!

    Certamente encontrarás aquilo que procuras, e o crescimento é assim mesmo, com curvas, nuvens, caminhos sombrios e outros mais solarengos e coloridos. O truque é continuar a caminhar ;-)

    Um grande beijinho e muitos parabéns pelo blogue!

    1. A blogosfera é isso mesmo, partilharmos pedacinhos da nossa vida, dos nossos sentimentos e pensamentos de formar a inspirar outras pessoas e mostrar que não estamos sozinhos, haverá sempre alguém que está/esteve a passar por alguma situação idêntica.

      Acima de tudo tens de ter paciência :) Vai chegar o dia que de repente vai te surgir a resposta que necessitas, pode até ser já amanhã ou poderá durar um mês ou dois mas ela surgirá a seu tempo.

      Grata pela partilha Inês, gostei muito de ler as tuas palavras!

  2. Querida :}}
    Are you okay? Just kiddin'. Hopefully you manage it all and will follow your dreams.

    You ask about my dreams and goals .. I have goals now and also am going under a change.. But hey! change is good, heh?! Hugs!

  3. I've been thinking about this -a lot- too, especially after seeing my best friends new house. I'd love to garden ornamentals and edibles, have a art workshop out back, have a dedicated guest bedroom for anyone to drop in. I'd love to share a house with my boyfriend and not have to drive 35-45 minutes daily to see him (and vice versa). I feel a need to nest and I haven't even relentlessly traveled like you!

    I can tell we're both very right-brain dominant, we have a tendency not to settle. To want to try many different jobs at once and see everything, flitting around like butterflies to taste every flower. I'm not quite ready yet for a permanent settlement, but love to dream of it and think of all the ways I can make those dreams a reality. I'd love to open a hostel/inn/boutique hotel, too ;) btw and cafe/art gallery, and...

    I may write a reply post to this, it's something that's been on my mind a lot. Though I'm still envious of your world travels and need to get out there before I settle and do anything permanent? :D haha

    1. Let's follow our dreams and be happy :D I also think we aren't afraid of change that's the reason why we cannot settle.

      Such a shame you are so far away from your love, you guys gotta live together, yes yes yes :)))

      I love your personal posts because they always create tons of discussion in the comments, go for it girl!

    2. The post is going up tomorrow :D Thanks for the inspiration, been talking to a lot of people about the subject and there's a general confusion/malaise. Can't wait to move in with BF one day and make more biz dreams come true.


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