September 29, 2015


As I'm working on my way to live as independent as possible I struggle many times, especially with the system we are currently living in. It was made for consumerism: to buy new when it's broken ("why fixing? A new one is so much cheaper and well... it's new"), to buy new because it's trendy, to buy knew because I had a terrible week so need to go shopping and relax. 

I'm trying my best to find solutions, instead of buying new. I have been trading as much as I can, buy second hand, if buying new buy Made in Portugal or Spain or France, no China or Vietnam or Cambodia or buy handmade or from a single person instead of a huge company. But still, I'm in a loooong process. Being sustainable is also living with quality of life that includes food, daily necessities and experiences (travel, travel, travel). 

The last two years I've been posting about sustainability and today I wanted to share all those posts, to inspire you to have a more sustainable life as well. 

This Summer I mostly used my bike to go shopping, see a friend or go to work. It's pretty safe where I lived so I could cycle at 3 am :) If I drunk more beers I should a bike ride was all I needed to get fresh air and do not get a ticket from police hahaha Read some benefits of riding bikes here and use less as possible your goddam car. 

 Are you those people who live in a small apartment and no space to plant garlic, cilantro or other herbs/vegetables? See this Do It Yourself Vertical Garden, it's made with recycled plastic bottles, so all you need is a small wall and to make sure you give enough light and water to these fellows. 

A house doesn't need to be made of brick or wood, there are other options, better for environment and your pockets :) I can't wait to build my own Bio House with Earth. Oh and to learn more permaculture tecniques. 

First time I heard about this menstrual cup I was ceptic about it until my friend Claudia talked about it and two other bloggers told about their amazing experience. I went to ebay website (don't worry I bought it new) and purchase one for 10€ that will last me at least five years. Not sure yet? Read more here

If you are wondering how come I get to travel so much and get all this money to spend on my travels, one of the reasons is my shopping habits and lifestyle. In this post I tell you all my deep secrets to save money and be more eco-friendly. 

In May I had the pleasure to cross paths with this beautiful soul called Andresa, who lived 1 year and 11 days with 1111€ and a buuuunch of trades. Her story is so inspiring!

Last but not least, Boom Festival! This is a festival that born in 1997, pretty small with enviromental visions already. I don't think I ever been in such festival with so many compost toilets, water treatment, solar panels, recycled vegetable oil for generators (there's music 24 hours/day), bio construction... Boom is definitly in the way for a almosy 100% sustainable festival!!  

What about you? Are you aware of Mother Nature issues? Do you think you can count in your government? Any links to read about sustainable DIYs, stories, ideas? 

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  1. The Oregon bio house is too dreamy, love it! AJ and I hope to live in an RV or micro house one day, but for now, we do our best not to drive unless necessary and are resourceful as hell.


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