September 15, 2015


It's true that Fall is around the corner (10 days left already?), my favorite season. But there are still few things I wanna do Summer 2015. 
Here goes a list:
(Could also be a list of things to do in South Portugal) 

1. Explore an island 
We have paradise islands in South of Portugal that I never been before. It's incredible I have been in Highway 1 in USA but some incredible spots closed to my hometown never been seen by me. I have been in Armona (in this picture) with ocean in one part of the island and river water in the other. Now I want to spend all day in Ilha Deserta (Desert Island) walking around and relaxing. Look at this crystal water wow!

2. AquaShow Water Park
I'm totally crazy about amusement parks, especially if they evolve water. It's a kid inside me screaming out! :) My 18 months years old australian cousin is here now and I think this might be super fun for her as well. There are water slides (some I don't think I will try), all kinds of pools including one with waves, jacuzzi and roller coasters that go into water. I have been here several times but don't go for many years and there are so many new fun slides. The kind of activity you spend the whole day and then you ready to go to bed because you are absolutely tired but happy. 

3. Picnic
This is the kind of activity I love so much, being in nature with dear friends eating goodies we share with eachother... but I never make it! I'm probably waiting for Winter and rainy days :P Few weeks ago a friend decided to celebrate his 30th anniversary with a picnic, it was great because started at 6pm and ended around midnight and we had the chance to talk with friends we haven't seen for ages. I love the tips Estafanía gives us for a sucessful picnic. It's in spanish, if you don't understand the language you should see the images to get inspired. 

4. Have dinner in a fancy restaurant
Doesn't sound like me, right? I always post about how cool are local restaurants because you get to try local food and it's cheaper. But sometimes I like to eat in nice restaurants with amazing decoration and delicious food. I usually do this 3 or 4 times a year (including in my trips), for a special event or when I have spare money. Haven't decided yet where to go but Salmora is on the list. 

5. Going on a boat trip 
I already went on a boat trip to the caves this Summer but this time would love to be in a boat 3 or 4 hours watching the World in another prespective.

6. Eat more waffles
It might sound silly but I'm crazy about waffles! But not any kind of waffles, my favorites are made by a couple who live in my hometown Loulé and sold in a street stall. They started this business long time ago and now they have with ice cream or strawberries+wripped cream :)) I won't lie, every week I eat one. There are no waffles like this in the Whole World, believe me guys :D

7. Read, read, read.
Every Summer I read one or two books only and I'm a vivid reader. I just think that there are better stuff to do when sun shines like any outdoors activity besides reading. This Summer I started going to the beach alone and could actually read, I'm impressed! I guess we tend to read more in Winter time because it's so cold outside and seems just perfect this group of words: book+blanket+hot tea. Besides "Frida" book and many others on my extense list, I purchased two magazines: Flow Magazine and Mr Wonderful, I haven't read yet any but the design is tooooo goooood to be true. 

8. Party time!
I feel I haven't party as much as a usual Summer, that's because of my job schedule and that my party partner Ana is now living in Amsterdam (bummer). But cannot be any party, you won't see me in a disco anymore. I prefer alternative parties of drum and bass or reggae music, if they are outside even better. I hope I can make it to the reggae+jungle+dnb party this coming Friday that includes all-you-can-eat-wood-oven-pizza (oh yeah!) What do I look for in this kind of parties? To dance my butt of. 

What about you guys? Anything you would like to do before the end of Summer?


  1. Gostei muito do post! Tenho pena é que o Verão este ano não tenha sido dos melhores e tenha acabado tão rápido...só chove! :(
    Lembro-me que no ano passado havia praias cheias ainda no fim de Outubro.

    1. Obrigada Carina, quem me dera conseguir fazer checked em cada um destes pontos. Não és a primeira pessoa a dize-lo mas a experiência e que foi um verão bem quentinho, fui muitas vezes a praia e por vezes escolhia ficar num local mais fresco pois não aguentava o calor. Será que e por estar no Algarve? Mas parece que terminou sim, o outono e já daqui a uma semaninha.

  2. Every Kids want to spent their time by enjoying. But some how it is not success. If the parents rent a Water slide game for their children and set up in the house then it is success.


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