September 9, 2015


Haiiii! Heya yo! Aloha! 
Guys guys I'm alive, really IAM! It's been such an awesome Summer with sun shinning, beach every other day, party, cocktails and bah work. 

This blog moved twice this year and that's really time consuming. Decided to migrate to Wordpress, learned the basics until I decided to move to blogger again, since it does the job I need. Actually it's Ana's fault, she makes such beautiful blogger blog designs that I couldn't resist. Also, paying for host every month is not for me, in blogger you pay 10€/year and have your own domain. Oh boy how much I love simple things in my life. BTW, isn't Shanti Free Bird looking so but oh soooo pretty? Grateful Ana, you are so patient and great assistant, loving you and your amazing job 

Best way to publish a post when you are silent for a month? An update of my life lately.

Can you see me and Iva thru this sunnies lenses? That's actually the only cool thing about these lenses, because even though it's this Summer trend, I totally dislike mirror effect lenses :P

This is in FATT - Didgeridoo Festival where I was volunteering in the tickets area. It was a completly different festival experience, being evolve in the organization, knowing what's going on "behind scenes". I'm so inspired to organize my own festival!! But it takes so much effort that maybe it will happen in 20 years hehe 
You guys, Sítio das Fontes in Estombar, where the festival took place is just perfect and I loved the idea of few people around. Next year I will be there for sure but to relax and party my butt off. 

This entire Summer I cooked maybe twice? Since I'm working (and I have dinner for free at work) I can afford going out for lunch almost every day, so happy to eat all those typical portuguese meals including octopus, squid, shrimps, sardines and stuff I don't even know the names :) yummmiiieeee! 

Talking about work, this is my workplace, an irish pub in Vilamoura called O'shea's (irish surname). It's where I spend mostly of my time and glad I like it and have crazy awesome co-workers. Doreen is from Germany which makes me keep traveling... Do you know how to say cockroach in german? Cacalatte, how cute! I work with one of the bosses... did you know I only found out he was a boss when working with him for 3 hours? Yep, he said he tries the best to be one of us and gosh he is doing a great job. Imagine I say something terrible about the pub in the first day of work? ^_^ I gotta admit, my bosses are in the top 3 best bosses ever. But the best boss of the best bosses gotta be me, myself and I. 

Also, I discovered my work duration limit is two months. First month is all new and I'm super excited to go work. Second month it's still fun but the magic is over. Then is just looking at the calendar and cross days. I'm working for five months so imagine how insane Iam! AHHHH, not really I'm taking easy and soon soon soon I'll be saying byebye to my dear co-workers and miss them. 

Been in Terrakota gig for free! Yessss, they are one of my favorite musical bands in Portugal, they play World Music. Romy, the female singer left the band for a while to integrate projects in Africa and I miss her heaps but Terrakota doesn't lose quality, they are energetic and share wise messages to make you think. LOVE YOU GUYS!! 

A bunch of party going on lately. Okay, not so much as used to be, we are now adults with responsibilities. But when is to party we have to go to a sunset party on the beach, drink caipirinhas and in the end, gotta hold hands and run to the ocean at 11pm. Also, August is when comes every single friend who is living in another country so it's pretty busy in night life. This year Dani brought a co-worker from Hungary and he said "It was one of the best weeks of my life. Thank you". Wow, thanks dude!

One of my goals this Summer was to explore more my neighborhood, not exactly my town but all close villages and towns so I invited mom and my australian cousin Lena to come on a boat trip to watch and be inside caves. It was definitly one of the Summer 2015 headlights, sooooo beautiful and surreal, I couldn't believe in my eyes. We saw big rocks with shapes of elepahts, lions and fish. We were in darkness inside a cave in the beach with no access by foot only boat. If you are living in Portugal and heading to Algarve or from other country and coming to South Portugal please make sure you go to Praia da Marinha and get the boat to the caves. 

Hot! Hot! Hot!
After 7 months settling down with a job it's about time to travel, don't ya think? After all that's my lifestyle, what makes me happy. In the end of September I'll be in California again yuupppiieeee can't wait to visit my american family and give them a huge hug. 

And planning my next big travel next year to Asia with my incredible BFF Ana!!! When she said she felt like travelling solo in Asia I screwed up her plans and asked to travel with her for a month hahaha we will be spending her 30th aniiversary somewhere in Thailand or Cambodia and also celebrating my birthday in the end of January :))) Can't waitttttt! I'm thinking about some videos of this trip, what do you think? 

How is going your Summer? Anything fun you still wanna do? 
It's really awesome to be back to my online home   Love you!


  1. O Verão rouba-nos a qualquer rotina e é sempre assim, intenso como o teu e carregado de boas vibrações! :D

  2. Marta, quando vens à Rota do Petisco?? *

    1. I would love to go!! Its on my lista. Beenn alvor on friday, loving bolan's mango caipirinhas and the treze bar, sooo Cozy outside Abd the food is so delicious!! Hope to see you soon freirinho, missing you <3

  3. I know I haven't told you this yet, but Shanti's new look is AMAZING!! :D You and Ana are a great team!

    I didn't know you were working in an Irish pub! I love Irish pubs. :D
    Can't wait for the new posts after your trip to California.

    But I'm curious: after you next trips, are you coming back to Portugal? What about your (possible) move to Lisbon, huh? :P

    :* Joan of July

    1. Irish Pubs are fun for a Season haha But really can't wait to explore irish pubs in Ireland!!! They look gorgeous and I think is part of their culture you know?

      Cat we just received the answer: WE ARE MOVING TO LISBON <3 <3 <3 I'm over the moon!! I'm counting on you to show me all the secret corners of this amazing city hehe **

  4. Oki gotcha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Where are you now? Kind regards from the French Riviera!

    1. @ Portugal but in one week californiiiiaaa :))) moving to Lisboa soon, wanna come visit? Its your big chance to see this wonderful city

    2. awwwww & this avatar of yours is a great new pic!
      Back to Cali, wow?! Cool, Cheers and yeas 1 day I am visiting Lisbon <3


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