November 28, 2014


If in Europe we consider Halloween the creepy night where we get out with scary costumes like zombies, witches or skeletons, in USA you will find cute rabbits, fairies or mermaids. Their costumes look more the ones we wear for Carnival and it's so fun to play around our characters, being someone we aren't in a daily basis.

Halloween is not only partying with costumes, there are other fun activities like carving pumpkins and knock neighbour's doors playing trick or treat. It's a great economic time of the year for the stores that sell candy and chocolates, the consumism is full on in the end of October. Other fun activities include telling scary stories and watching horror movies.

When I was a kid we knew Halloween as the Witches Night and besides the costume part, we would tell stories about spirits that happen to us. I'd go home so scared that I started listening noises in my room and ended up running to my parent's room and sleep between them. My creativity is too deep, I can imagine a whole story in my mind and really feel it and live it. I'm glad now a days I can control better since I know what's real or not. (hmm maybe I think I know...)

The Witches Night came to our lives because we used to watch way too many american movies, including horror movies about Halloween night. October 31st, 1990 something, one of my friends had the brilliant idea of climbing the wall of the graveyard so we "could see spirits". You know young people, always challenging themselves, so we accepted the mission. When we got there a imense silence was broken with the wind noise... it was so creepy that we looked at eachother and runned away as sonic, the video game blue guy. Since then I learned the lesson: don't follow crazy ideas all the time.

I love Halloween, I love traditions, I love that I had the chance to celebrate 3 halloweens (2008 and 2013) in the USA with crazy people who like it as much as I do. I just wished I could see Halloween decorations in the houses, not stuff people would buy in stores but something they would create with their imagination and whatever had at home.

Some pictures of the Pirate Crew?

As usual we spent Halloween in the Casino of Middletown for the Decades band live concert, we are big fans of this local band! Our clothes were found in the Thrift Stores, as always! We didn't want to spend much money in clothes just for a night, I spent 5 bucks :)

As real pirates we drunk a lot of rum and stole money from other... pirates! What I love the most of a halloween costume are the accessories and play around them, we had swords, parrots and plastic coins, it was so much fun interacting with our pirate fellows and other people who were there dancing Decades with us.

How was your Halloween 2014? What was your costume about? 

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  1. U guys look awesome :D
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