November 30, 2014


 Arya Clothing became one of my favorite shops in Etsy, look at this bohemian gipsy hippie skirt! There are also other handmade goodies like hip lether bags, unique design tank tops, hoodie scarves and other ethnical beauties.

 Don't feel motivated for Christmas gifts shopping? Van posted about 10 Creative Gift Ideas to banish stress and save money and I think these tips came pretty helpful. I have no idea where in the World I'll be for Christmas so I won't buy or make gifts for anyone... maybe exchange gifts with other travellers who are around?

Not that you have to feel pressure to give back what a person done for you but I believe we can give back in different ways using our knowledge and time. Meg talks about this matter and gives you a list of links of creative ideas for giving back. Actually, if you don't know The Well blog you're missing something, Meg and Victoria give a bunch of useful tips for bloggers and inspiration to be a better human being.

Do you often feel you spend way too much time in your computer or phone browsing for whatever and wasting your time? I found these "rules" useful to connect more with your social life, instead of your digital life.

The Hunger Games movie is on my top 10 favorite movies now, great to reflect about what we are doing with our lives and think about the concept of freedom. It's the story of 12 districts where they choose every year one boy and one girl of each district to go to jungle. Only one person can survive. What happens in the jungle is filmed so everybody can watch on TV, similar to Big Brother Show but more serious, since you watch people killing eachother. The third movie is on the cinema and I can't wait to see it. I clap my hand for Jennifer Lawrence, she is such a talented actress!

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