November 3, 2013


Back in Portugal, I don't think I ever celebrated this day, it's not really an european holiday. We have Carnival which is similar in the costumes part, but lasts 3 days and it's all about brazilian music and having fun!
Being in California means you have to celebrate Halloween right?

We hit the thrift stores of ClearLake one day before Halloween and found immediatly this ridiculous dress but perfect for this day: black, creepy! 5 bucks! And then what to do? Paint your face like a zombie and ta daaaa zombies wannabes. Bruno choose ugly clothes and ripped them out. The cross earring brings more fun to the costume, the more accessories the best!

We went to MiddleTown Casino to the Decades Live Concert to celebrate and I fell in love with the band. I guess any band with a woman singer is a plus. We played zombies all night long and couldn't stop laughing. Beth gave Bruno a bad haircut on purpose, you cannot really see it in this picture, but it was hilarious because it was naturally messy, some people approched him saying he was the best costume haha

We arrived to late so missed the costumes contest and this was the winner. Very well chosen, this dragon kicks ass :D

Tiera and my great friends Bill and Beth, both more then parents for us! Very special people who we got a connection very fast and don't want to lose contact. These kind of beings that when you leave you drop a tear... I know, after 5, 6 years traveling I should be able to leave as a rock and no attachments, I'm doing good in the material department but not for the friends´. Maybe because they are now part of my life and belong to a big space in my heart?

Bill and Beth on their costumes. In case you didn't figure out what the heck is that thingy at Bill's head, it's a Marijuana Bud hehe sooooo cool, Beth is so creative. Shame you couldn't be with your head covered in the casino, only for 2 seconds pictures...

If you are curious how was the Halloween 2008, when I was living in Maine (USA) click here. (in portuguese).

Let's celebrate LIFE ! Have a great lazy Sunday :) Much Love. Marta

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