August 24, 2014


Who said you need a Go Pro to take good pictures under water? To be honest, I never gave to much importance to the Lumix Panasonic DMC-FT25 my dear Bruno gave me on Christmas but the more I know about this camera the more I'm grateful I have it. 

One of the coolest things is this is a water proof camera! It came out pretty handy when traveling in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, some days it was raining, but I still could take pictures with no fear of damage (hehe) and now with Summer kickin' we have so(oooooooooooooo) much fun taking pictures in the pool. I mean, did you ever try to take pictures under water? When you see the results you just can't stop laughing! Our faces are too funny to be true. 

Can you reconize the Nirvana Album Cover in this picture of Anth? I love his smile! Ana has an hard time opening her eyes or smiling under water so looks like she's suffering or something. I think I'm pretty photogenic... It's a pity I don't like to expose too much my body on internet or you would see a real marmaid haha not really! But this yellow hair gives more life to pictures, it's the contrast with the blue from the pool.

I would like to thank my dear friend Mira who couldn't sleep in his house this night and gave us the key! Friends like this are rare and I'm grateful. Thank you also for the pool, we had a great time as you can figure in these silly pictures.

Do you have any under water pictures online? Please leave the link on the comments, I'm so into them right now!


  1. Também adoro tirar fotografias debaixo de água, até porque eu nunca consigo abrir os olhos e portanto nem sem bem para onde estou a disparar! Por isso, depois vê-las, em casa ou na máquina, é sempre de rir e chorar por mais! :)

    1. Não queres postar algumas? Adorava ver o resultado ^_^

  2. Que bonitas que ficaram as fotos, Marta! :D Adoro o efeito do teu cabelo, realmente dá imensa vida às fotos.

    Por acaso não tenho nenhumas debaixo de água, o que é uma pena. Tenho que arranjar uma máquina à prova de água também. Será que há descartáveis? Assim levava já na próxima semana de férias! :D eheheh

    1. Já vais de férias outra vez? Que bom! Há descartáveis sim, mas são analógicas, nao me parece que a qualidade seja muito boa...


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