August 24, 2014


Mostly of the times we are driving or catching the bus/train roads are boring, you feel like falling asleep, read a book, or drink 2 litres of coffee to keep you awake. Especially if you are traveling in highways, you don't get to see the landscape properly or you don't pass thru any villages. But there are roads out there in our World that make a big difference, they were special and can't take them out of my memory:

Great Ocean Road @ Melbourne, Australia - I almost missed this amazing "place you have to go when visiting Melbourne" because me and other couchsurfers organized 4 days camping but the first hour we got a flat tire! My dear ozzie cousins asked me if I wanted to go on Sunday all day long explore this place and yep! Better a day then nothing ;) It was a pretty trip with many stops, I took million pictures! (Post here)

Highway 1 @ South California, USA - You read well, this picture right here is an highway :) We drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco thru the ocean and made several stops, either to sleep in comfy hostels/hotels or to watch thousand elepahant seals in wildlife. This is a must do if you are around San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco. You can see the details of my Highway 1 Trip here.

Tizi-n-Tichka Route, between Marrakech and Ouarzazate, Morocco - I wasn't expecting such stunning trip! We hitch hiked with a friendly moroccan to Ouarzazate, he'd stop in some spots in the way so we could appreciate the impressing landscape. I thought it would take us less then 3 hours but it was 5 hours, a bunch of curves thru the Atlas mountains (highest point of Morocco extending through Algeria and Tunisia). There wasn't water in the way (like the roads I mentioned above) but it was certainly one of the most plesant road trips of my life. (didn't take any pics, shame-on-me)

Which roads did you feel fascinated about? Any beautiful roads you'd recommend from your country?


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