August 26, 2014


Ready to see a bunch of beach and pool pictures? Wanna meet my close friends? This is what I've been up the last days, since I came back from Boom Festival.

Before heading to Portimão for João's Birthday Party, we (me, Ana - best friend - and Anth - her boyfriend - ) decided to make a quick stop in Praia da Marinha, one of our favourite beaches in South of Portugal. Seems that this beach is famous now, it was packed... Years ago looked like a desert beach. The water was super cold, what's wrong with the ocean these days? Climate is changing and it's our fault.

We stayed at Mira's place in Portimão and of course, we couldn't leave without a swim in the pool and take silly under water pictures. It was such a fun moment, see more pictures here.

Vera turned 30! Hurray! My friend Rita had the brilliant idea of buying 30 "magic candles", you know, those that you blow hard but they keep the flame *muahahah*

My friend Susana (in the middle) is currently living in Switzerland came to Portugal for Summer vacation. She called me and Maya (the sweetie on the left, she's from Moldavia but living in Portugal for a while now) to go on a girls day and night date. We had a great time drinking white sangria on the beach and then we ate delicious food for dinner. We ended up in a karaoke pub in Alvor, I honestly dislike karaokes but Maya was so excited, how can you refuse? It was a lot of fun actually!

More friends from Portimão! This time they came to Quarteira to visit me and catch up. Heli is now living in Sydney, Australia and Catarina in Lisbon, Portugal. I was missing these two pretty faces so much, it's always good to know your friends are happy and that they moved for good reasons, when we are outside we appreciate way more our country.

Me and Ana couldn't wait any longer to see Paulinha, Eduardo and their kids again! We missed so much this good vibe family. We also met Ziggy, their cute puppy, a real trouble maker but still a sweetheart : ) They live in Tavira, the place I'd live in South Portugal. Oh and this centennial house! It's from Ouriço's family, right in the center in front of the river, oh boy. Me and Ana were dreaming about building an hostel there with a bar in the terrace full of matresses on the floor, water pipes, chilling...

Party in the Cultural House of Loulé! Great escape from the crowds of tourists and see friends I wasn't able to talk for a long time. They were painting the wall and everybody could help. I made a mess.

Pool Party at Catia's! Just because :) My dear friend Veronica (we call eachother cousins because we have the same surname) who's living in New York for five years is here!!! YES!! We also got a chance to be with her sister Raquel who I really adore to talk with, she always come out with interesting subjects. Rita who's living in Brazil now, is also here and I'm gonna visit her next year : ) Sadly it was the last day of Silvia here, she's currently living in England but she's really happy with her boyfriend, we love him!

what I miss the most when traveling is the portuguese food, we are masters with fresh and tasty food! I'm trying to catch up with my seafood cravings and I never in my life really like seafood (besides fish).

Now, with so many activities and no time to be quiet, do I have time to read books? Nah! Finished a vintage book from 1975 I got for only 50 cents in my "Benelux" trip and since then I didn't touch a book. I can't read on the beach or in the car, I get sick.

After two days thinking, thinking, thinking, me and Bruno reconsider the idea of working in France in September and we decided to stay! Going to France was only good for the money but as soon as we found some days of work here we didn't think twice, we want to be with our family and friends as much as possible. I have a feeling next year we won't see Portugal.

I have no pics of me on the beach because I went for the 4th tattoo appointment, the last one! Oh well, I still have to go there for details of color and shade here and there and then I'm ready to show you the final tattoo.

What have you been up to? Any trips coming?

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  1. Aw, looks like fun times. I recently took a short trip to visit a childhood friend that I'll hopefully blog about tomorrow. Need more adventures. That beach looks amazing!


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