April 29, 2014


When planning my backpacking trip to Morocco I didn't think about hitch hiking because mass media and society made this stereotype that Morocco is a dangerous country to travel, so imagine get in a car of a stranger...
It's true that transportation is cheap and generally (out of touristic spots) Morocco is a cheap country to travel but if we can save money and travel longer, if we can meet more moroccans and exchange cultures, why not?! 

As soon as we arrived we felt safe. We asked several locals we made friends with and everybody said is safe to hitch hike in Morocco. So, what are we waiting for? Let's do it! By my 5 weeks experience I can tell you is the real adventure, you never know what will happen during and next the ride. Read the tips, if you have any question please ask in the comments so everybody can acess and we can start a discussion. 

* Hitch Hiking in Morocco is not easy... is extremely easy. We never waited more than 15 minutes for a ride. Moroccans are interested in other cultures, other ethnicities so if they have a chance they will pick you up.

* Moroccan Hitch Hikers often say it's easier for foreigners. I think that foreigners wait 15 minutes and moroccans 30 minutes :) 

* Many drivers will ask you money, especially in the North. It's part of the culture, don't be mad. If you are not interested just say no. You will get a ride for free soon.

* We weren't interested in paying for the ride so every time a car pulled over Bruno talked with the driver and at the same time I was asking for a ride. We missed many opportunities of cars passing by because we went together talk with the driver and he asked for money. Waste of time. 

* If autocaravans don't give you ride don't worry, they very seldom take hitch hikers. Two years of hitch hiking only one time 5 girls in a caravan gave us a ride. Actually is not only in Morocco is everywhere in the World. My theory is that mostly of autocaravans drivers are old couples and either they don't have the spirit of hitch hiking or because is their mobile home and strangers are not welcome there. (do you have any other theories? Share please)

* You will live Moroccan hospitality full on! Drivers will invite you for a coffee/tea break, to have lunch, to meet his family, to sleep at his place or just to take a shower. Our very first ride from Tangier to Rabat even gave us money (!!!). That's not the point of hitch hiking, we said no but he insisted so much we didn't want to hurt his feelings so we ended up accepting. 

* Usually we use our thumb to ask for a ride right? They use 2 fingers like the picture above. But obviously they will understand that a person on the road with a arm straight is hitch hiking. 

* Funtamental words: Hitch hiking is Autostop and Mafish Flus (spelling?) is I don't have money. 

* If they stop the car in the middle of nowhere don't panic! It's just time to pray :) Moroccans will pray anywhere as long as they have their carpet. There are Praying Rooms in Bus Station, Ferry Boat...

* If you use google maps to have an idea of distances be aware that many roads are in the mountains (eg: from Marrakech to Ourzazate) so it will take 1 or 2 hours more. 

* In the South many roads are deserts. Good thing is that the second or third car will take you. Phewww!

* If you are in big cities I recommend you to get out by bus to the next village or by local bus to the route you need. It only costs 4-7 dirhams per ticket. 

* We hitch hike once at night and it was all good but I guess that it's better choice to hitch hike during the day always. This is a general hitch hiking tip actually.

It's all for now folks! Hope this help you out to have a clear idea of the art of hitch hiking in Morocco. Discussion Time: did you ever hitch hike in Morocco? How was it? Or are you thinking about it? Share in the comments.


  1. I like to read about other countries' habits etc and you are writing about them in a very nice way, so thank you :-)

  2. I just read the post again and you are right, you can find out about moroccan culture here. I didn't really noticed hah! And without any prejudice. I don't want to write anything "bad" about cultures because there's no such thing as better or worse culture, there are DIFFERENT cultures and we should respect all of them, no matter what.

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  4. As usual, short and very informative article !!
    When I first read "Hitch Hiking in Morocco is not easy" I freaked out. I was kinda OMG like is really hitch hiking there that hard ??
    I can confirm too that hitch hiking in Morocco even for me as a Moroccan. I tried a couple of times in the south when I had no choice. I and my friend didn't wait for long. But I don't think it'd be easy for me in the north
    Reason why some drivers ask for money is because there are many locals (Especially who live in country sides) who hitch hike to cities or other villages and sometimes hitch hiking is their only option. Another reason, a truck driver told me that since their salaries are low, they make side income by driving hitch hiker on their way.
    For autocaravans, I guess since they are foreigners they don't trust other strangers ?? I tried once, 7 autocaravans passed by me, no one stopped
    Otherwise, The tips were great and accurate, as a Moroccan I confirm everything you said !!
    Keep the good work Marta !!

    1. (I'm still amazed by your english, you're definitly the moroccan person I know that can express himself the best, congrats!!)
      Uhhh we didn't get many truck driver rides in Morocco but I didn't know they also ask for money? To be honest and not to be mean or anything, I think you can only hitch hike for cars in Morocco, it's a much faster ride. In Europe trucks are usually our "best friends".

    2. (Thanks you. I'm surprised though, My english still needs tones of work. it's miles away from your english)
      Yeah some ask for money, not all of them. Cars are better choice anyway :) as you said, much faster

  5. Thanks for the advices! I will be travelling soon to morocco by hh:)

    1. Hello Eliana! You have such a cool travel blog, I understand and speak spanish just cannot write. Will follow your adventures in Morocco! I can give you extra tips for a woman traveling solo in Morocco if you want. Email me!


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