April 30, 2014


I lived in Maine, USA, for one year. During Winter time is cold, cold like 30 negative degrees brrrr!! Me, je, moi, a girl from the South of Portugal who's surrounded by beaches and only seen snow once or twice in her life had to deal with digging herself after a snow storm to reach her van (!!!). 
I had a great year but a lot of indoors activities was going on during Winter 2008 which I don't mind at all... for one year! ah! I love sun, hiking, outdoors but when all you have is cold and snow we better deal with that the best way instead of being depressed all the time. 

I used to have 3 days off from my Social Worker job which is perfect for small road trips but sometimes the weather wasn't good. Since I'm a crafty person and love to work with my hands I start doing Do it Yourself (DIY) projects to decorate the house, to mail to my friends in Portugal or just to spend time in a creative way.
When I heard about Wreck this Journal from the talented Keri Smith, I immediatly bought one for me. It's an Activity Book where you have one sentence in each page and you just have to do whatever is asked, using your imagination and creativity and well, the materials you have at home. After getting one journal, my Winter was happier... and my Spring and Summer.

 This one was made at work in the end of May. The last 2 hours of shift was basically making sure the kiddos didn't wake up and wait. I started bringing my Wreck this Journal to work to entertain myself.
 I didn't wrap my gift with this paper yet but I will do. This is the propose of this book: no attachments! I love the painting I made here but I gotta wrap it, it's the deal. (I can always wrap it to myself hehe)

 This one I was in a Toronto trip and bored like hell. The word that came out to my mind was obviouly Toronto.

 When I look at this list I think two things: I really was living in the States (peanut butter and marshmallows!) and I don't eat many food from this list anymore (meat loaf or meat in general, cow milk for ageees and ham).

 Kinda groovy this one :) If you look at the date, same as the handprints page, I was probably in a moment of inspiration.

So many stamps from Poland, I probably had many polish penfriends? By the date, I was back in Portugal.

I told you, no attachments. Whenever the journal is full, mail it to yourself. Mostly people don't do it, afraid of losing it. I will send it, no fear! 

If you like this idea, you can purchase your own Wreck this Journal here. I'm already looking forward to get The Guerilla Art Kit by (also) Keri Smith but first gotta finish this Journal. This creativity Kits and Books kill me, I love them dearly :) 

Did you ever hear about Wreck this Journal? What do you think? Can you recommend other similar books?


  1. Whaou! I lived in the Usa as well and for more than 1 y and never heard of this so thanks, also for sharing! Pretty groovy stuff :-))

    1. Where in USA? It's pretty neat but mine is 7 years old, time to finish it :P

    2. In 3 different States but I did not know about this Book, but we learn something and every day, right?! :-)

  2. Looks like you wrecked that journal to it's full potential.

    1. hehe I try my best, but you know? I can wreck it even more! Mauhahaha (evil laugh)

  3. Those journal pages are wonderful! I'm starting my own journal too, but the book I read it was "The Art Journal Worskhop" from Traci Bunkers. I fell in love with this kind of art :)

    1. I just googled that journal and oh so lovely! Anything craftsy that I have to use my creativity is welcome :)


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