April 28, 2014


Long time ago I used to sell in Craft Markets my polymer clay necklaces and later on my fabric handbags. It was a positive time of my life, because I had no job so decided to create with my hands and sell out to friends and mom's shop costumers. I was busy, creating and using my brain, all good.

As soon as I heard about this Market I asked mom if she wanted to come, because she's an artist crafter and love to attend this kind of events. Also it was in Tavira, one of my fave towns in Algarve. It's small and historical with a river along. Beautiful!

Oh boy, look at these cork made items! They last forever. In this area of Algarve there's a bunch of oaks.
Me and mom were pretty happy we made it to this market since we found many creative stalls with unique products. I have a feeling people from this part of Algarve are more talented and perfectionist :)

 Great idea! Collect shells from the beach and build these cuties. Adorable work.

We also seen a lot of tradicional crafts which makes me smile and wave because I think it's so important to keep traditions, it's the identity of a place and we cannot ever lose it. Usually the skills are passed thru family generations. These baskets also last very long, the biggest are perfect to go shopping in the veggetables market.

This is the stall of my friend Nidia, she's making such neat products with leather. And I'm glad she can live out of her talent. I couldn't help myself and bought a necklace. I also have a hip bag from her with an agata stone. You can check more Nidia's art here and here.

Do you attend this kind of markets often? Do you buy handmade? I highly support handmade, just to think that someone spent the energy and time creating something is so rewarding.


  1. Oh noooooo! :}}}} these places / tables would be very dangerous for me :>
    Earrings, bracelets, bags, oh my ....... purrfect for a Birthday for example? ;-) or at any occasion I guess haha
    Yes I love handmade too and little markets and exactly; as someone created it! Did you get anything fro yourself there, hehe?

    PS: and thank you Missy for your very kind wishes (as usually I answered there back). Obrigado!

    1. I knooooow!! I only bought gifts nothing really for myself, besides an ice cream haha I wanted to buy new leather sandals but didnt like the colors they had. Pufffff next market perhaps, during summer theres one every week in the area ♡ ♡

    2. Awwww, oh my gosh, the table with earrings + necklaces + bracelets + bags is the real trouble-one :] :] Yes for markets, also I like the feeling of "hunt", you never know what treasures you may find, also unique etc etc ;-)


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