February 9, 2014


365 Days Pictures Project doesn't aplly to me because I don't feel is challenging enough but I wanted an excuse to take pictures everyday in other to work my creativity and Photography skills. 
When I read this post at We Blog You called Desculpas há muitas or There are many excuses I didn't think twice and started to take part right the way. The point is to take a picture per day with a theme as you can see in the picture above, during February, and then post in instagram or facebook with the hashtag #desculpashámuitas.

It's been so much fun that I decided to share my pictures weekly, so from this Sunday until the end of the month, I will post about the pictures I took. I only found out about this on February 3rd so I missed the first 2 days.
If you don't understand portuguese and would like to join the fun, I'm translating all the themes in the end of this post. You can start any time. Enjoy!

 Day 3 - Sentence ("Smile, you are loved"). Found this in a wall in Historical Area of Loulé

 Day 4 - Favourite Jacket/Coat * I bought this in California in a Thrift Store for only 5 bucks, it's XXL, cozy and warm.

 Day 5 - A mug * With a delicious banana soy milk shake

 Day 6 - A place with memories * I choose my mom's vintage postcard collection because I used to get lost looking at each card and dream about travels around the World. 

 Day 7 - Umbrella * I don't use umbrellas since I always lose them everywhere but I kept this just because is so pretty and it was a gift from a closed friend. 

 Day 8 - A Book * Pedro on the Road book, the adventurous of a portuguese guy who hitch hiked from Portugal to Singapure. He was my inspiration to backpack alone in Asia. 

 Day 9 - Something Starting with Letter F * F for freedom and for Faca (Knife in english) 

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