February 12, 2014


I'm pround of my Asia and Australia Travel Journal, it's full of stories, colors, happy moments, images, tickets, postcards, junk I collected from the ground and much more.
Like I mencioned before in this post about my most recent travel journal I like to keep journals to go back and read all my adventures, how's going my progress as a human being, what changed in me and my opinions and on. While taking pictures of this journal I realized how much I miss to travel to a different culture country, last six months we travelled in Europe and California and the culture is pretty much similar as in Portugal. I miss unique hand crafts, dancing, songs, food, religion, people's faces.

And I'm working on that, my next trip will be Morocco next month!! Remember it was one of my 2014 Goals? It's the very first time with my feet in African continent and the only one that's is missing. Morocco is not really Africa but works, it's pretty different and challenging, can't wait to bargain hours and hours again. I say many times but I'm a pround gipsy :)

Now, showing some pages of my journal, it's almost full.

 Trying to learn hindi in the bus by the most beautiful woman I ever seen: light green eyes, indian lines, shining hair, snow white teeth.

 Collected all the beer bottle labels in Vietnam I tried and placed in this page. By the way, Vietnam has the best food in the World (besides portuguese and greek hihi)

Yep if you understand portuguese you can read parts of my journal here, but I deleted the very secret parts so you can read everything in these pictures, I allow you guys ;)

Do you keep Travel Journals or any journal? Are they colorful like mine or doesn't matter for you?

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