May 6, 2013


Although right now I'm living 5 minutes walking to the beach this was the first day on the beach... in Portugal! I was lucky enough to chase the winter this year and enjoyed the Caribean Sea and Pacific Ocean thru out Central America.

This Beach is in Quarteira, Algarve (South Portugal). During Summer this city is CHAOS. A bunch os tourists come to visit, enjoying the sun and the crazy night life in Vilamoura. It's great for the economy around here, but it's a mess all Summer long: traffic jams, lines and lines and lines, beaches packed with families...

But cannot complain, I born close to the ocean. I was 7 years old and I remember walking barefoot with my neighbours, cousins and friends to the beach every single day. By that time it was safe and we had way much freedom then the children now a days. I have a memory deep in my mind about ringing bells along the way to the beach and running away!! We had great laughs with this and off course a bunch of people yelling at us, nervous and pissed. Some kids used to do the same with me and yeah, it's not so cool waking up to open the door to "ghosts" haha

Here goes some pictures of the beach day today. I'm planning to take pictures of Loulé soon, so you can meet up my two hometowns, the places I don't think I belong but where I grow up and have special part in my heart 

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