May 23, 2013


Every time I'm back on the road I usually make a list along the previous week because I know I'll only pack one hour before leaving. Yes, I only work on pressure, I enjoy feeling the adrenaline in the body and panic because I cannot find this or that. The fact is when I travelled to Asia, I couldn't believe in my eyes when I weight at home my backpack and it was only SEVEN KILOS !!!

I will post later about a Backpacker Full Items List. Also I wanna comment this post is general, your necessaties are based on the country (s) you will travel. Now it's time for the TOP FIVE:

* Source * A really warm and comfy jacket.
No matter how much it is, if you like it and it's durable, buy it!!

* Source * A flash light can save up your life!
I'm glad I have a old school cell phone with flash light option.

* Source * I couldn't live without my Hip Bag anymore. It's very useful to keep all the important things: Passport, Money, Credit Cards, Cell Phone or anything small you don't want to lose (like my crochet needle lol)

 * Source * A medium size backpack to carry everywhere with your daily items: water bottle, a sweater, a book, snacks... Sometimes you are out for the all day and it's nice to have everything you need with you.

* Source * Comfy and durable sandals you can walk pretty much anywhere and your feet don't hurt. Again, even they are expensive it's worth it! (BTW I bought exactly these ones few days ago)

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