December 14, 2015


I'm glad this post came to life, I meant to share my favorite travel blogs for ages!! To be honest from the hundred blogs I follow only less then twenty are about travels. I dislike to read about the same subject over and over again, even about travels, my passion, my lifestyle. Yeah guys I actually have many other interests, ya know :)

I divided my list in 3 languages: english, spanish and portuguese. You know I'm a very cult person :D So here we go...


Backpack Me :: Zara (portuguese) and Ashray (indian) are a couple who decided to travel the World as a lifestyle. They are big foodies and always come up with the most unusual posts such as Backpackers are Annoying or Your Hostel Sucks or The Most Racist Things we've Heard while Traveling. If you browse for a while in their blog you want to hang out with these guys, they look super funny :) Guess where they got married? Hell yeah, Las Vegas baby!

Say It Ain't So :: Actually this is not just a travel blog but Rae, her boyfriend and friends travel a lot in USA and share a lot of cool pictures - spoiler alert: they are super funny - of their trips, vegan food they ate, where they stayed. She also blogs about vintage, books and her dogs. I love how natural and organic this blog is, I guess because is not made for money purposes or doesn't have a Travel Blog Label on it, so Rae doesn't really care for the pictures quality - not saying they are bad, at all - and her texts come in the very moment.

Heart of a Vagabond :: Yara writes from the heart and that's exactly what fascinates me on her blog. She is traveling for many years but confesses cannot be nomadic. She's not afraid to talk about bad moments in her life and I think that takes a bunch of courage. In her blog you can also read about veganism, eco and responsible traveling and sustainability.  

Heart my Backpack :: This was the last travel blog I started following and I'm loving it! Silvia has such a great sense of humor, you should see how she writes her sponsored posts, full of funny jokes. She shares her off the beaten path travels, my favorite! She's currently living in Norway so expect wonderful pictures.

Wandering Earl :: I consider Earl the guru of travel bloggers - he is on the road for sixteen years!! Every time he posts something new I freeze whatever I was doing and read his post because I like to read about other people's experiences and I enjoy how honest and brilliant his points of view are. After reading, I always reflect on his words and my life in general. What a pity he only posts something new once a month :P We want more Earl, common dude!

Just One Way Ticket :: Sab rocks! She's like the female travel bloggers super star :D She started a travel blog to earn money and I'm still amazed how can she do it so brilliantly, really. All her photos and texts are high quality, content has useful information with fantastic details. Sabrina is also known as a friendly blogger who helps everyone. 

Polina Kocheva :: I found out about Polina accidentally in a travel related facebook group and somehow I connected with her recent blog. She is bulgarian, lived in The Netherlands and this year moved to Barcelona, Spain. Besides her own travels, she also shares great blogging tips, since she is a Web Designer. 


Viajando por ahí :: Aniko (from Argentina) lives between her travels and relax time, when she settles down somewhere and read a bunch of books or write her new book. She is the kind of blogger that doesn't post often but when she does, she writes a big post about something incredible. I love that there is a lot of interaction in the comments from other travel bloggers. I purchased her e-book "Dias de Viaje" and totally recommend it!


Daydreams :: This is not considered a travel blog only but Catarina shares a lot about her trips in her country Portugal and some european countries. Heads up: She's living in Japan right now, how cool :) I enjoy reading this blog for the simple language, direct to the subject with jokes between. When you are reading this blog you really feel good vibes and happiness. The pictures make you want to get inside the screen and go to that place. 

Filipe Morato Gomes :: *Respect* This guy travels for ages and have been in almost 100 countries! He shares different places to visit, the ones we don't find in travel guide books. I specially love his writing style: good portuguese, many examples, funny but serious, if you understand me? 

Your turn! What travel blogs - or blogs that also talk about travels - do you follow? 

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  1. Marta, ainda estou meia aparvalhada! Eu toda contente a ler os blogs de viagens que segues (que sim, tu és a minha referência no que toca a viagens), ansiosa por chegar aos portugueses, porque fico sempre cheia de vontade de seguir mais blogs nacionais sobre o assunto, e de repente: "OI?!?!? Mas aquela é a minha cara!!!" Não tenho palavras para agradecer as tuas palavras tão queridas (que quem te conhece saberá que são sempre as mais sinceras) e não imaginas a minha felicidade! Estou aqui que nem posso de orgulho! Obrigada obrigada obrigada! :D Beijinhos*

    1. (Going to answer in english so everyone can follow)
      You don't have to thank me Cat, you know I heart your blog :) now post more about Japan pliiiiz!
      I have an hard time to find portuguese travel blogs because mostly are comercial, even the ones with brazilian authors. If I ever find other besides Filipe, I promise I will let ya know girl. Beijinhos da santa terrinha*

  2. So sweet of you to include me on such a wonderful list! Now I have a few blogs to go check out too :)

    1. You deserve to be on this list :) I can't wait to have some free time to read all your blog! Uhh sounded like a Crazy stalker :P

  3. YAY.. so cool to be included here. Thanks a lot for the honour! :)

    Ja agora.. andas por Portugal? Nos chegamos a LX ontem. Se estiveres por aqui diz qualquer coisa e tomamos um cafe em breve!! Beijinhos!

    1. You guys rock! Haaa eu acabei de deixar-vos uma mensagem no twitter a dizer isso mesmo :) I'm gonna send you a DM on twitter, yeah let's go for a coffee!


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