December 25, 2015


Christmas is not a big deal for me but I'm still fascinated by the smell, lights, smiles and joy. I don't really care for gift swapping because I don't like the feeling of obligation, I dislike spend a whole afternoon looking por possible gifts for my friends and family. It's too much pressure! When I'm inspired I make some gifts but I need time and motivation. I still give my beloved ones presents but I do it during the year, when I come back from a trip or simply when I'm walking and I find something I know that person will love and need. I probably should buy the gift and wait for Christmas but I can't wait to see the person reaction :D Maybe next year I'll do it differently and just give my gifts away in Christmas time. 

All the delicious food evolved, Christmas lights, wrapping gifts and make myself the gifts, these are all the things I enjoy about Christmas. Oh the Christmas songs and movies are also entertaining and fun! 

Since I'm living in Lisbon I had to photograph all the beautiful lights you find in Baixa (downtown). I try to avoid packed places and in this time of the year there are so many people from all Portugal, locals and the World pretty much everywhere. I felt like going away. I took a deep breathe and tried to get in the Christmas spirit and finally I was able to enjoy that walk thru the illuminated streets and it was super awesome.

Wish you guys a Merry Christmas full of love, joy, health and peace, hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. 

I'm off to some more tasty food and be with my family and pets. 

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  1. Very beautiful photos! Wish you all the best and Merry Christmas!


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