December 10, 2015


Christmas is around the corner and I want to give a gift to my dear readers for being so supportive and friendly, I truly appreciate your comments and emails, thank you!

I'm collaborating with Mafalda from Nuts for Paper to bring you more papers in your life! But wait, I'm talking about something incredibly special, handmade with love in Portugal. It was love at first sight when I saw these beautiful Travel inspired illustrations in notebooks, journals, magnets, postcards, that feeling "I want them all!"

It's inspiring to write our daily notes, what to do lists or our thoughts into books like this. Every time I go on a travel I bring a notebook with me to write about my stories, people I met, what are my feelings in the moment... it's a great exercise to reflect about your life. After one or two years, when you find this journal/notebook again and start reading it, all those moments come back. You remember how beautiful life is 

You have the opportunity to win a notebook or journal or anything you want from Nuts for Paper but let's introduce this amazing project first: "Nuts for Paper, founded in 2013, was born to fulfill our creative needs (mine and Catarina's). From our love for graphic design, illustration and typography, to our passion and collection of notebooks and notepads of all sizes and shapes, we were inspire to create our own line of unique products exclusively handmade, where the paper is the king. However in the beginning of 2015 a few changes happened and now it's only me in this journey. But with a little help of the squirrels (Nuts for Paper mascots) I know that I will carry on!"

Yes! Yes! Yes Mafalda you will carry on because you make such pretty stationery, congratulations!

So, what's this giveaway about?

I wish I could give one of you a travel notebook, you deserve! This time, one lucky person will get 20 euros (around 21.85 US Dollars) gift card in the Nuts for Paper Online Shop.

How can you participate?

♥ Follow on Instagram @nutsforpaper and @martachantrips
♥ Click LIKE in the facebook pages NutsforPaper and MartaChanTrips
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♥ Fill this form:

You Are In :) 

Deadline to sign up?

This giveaway is over in December 20th at midnight (Portugal Time)



Thank you to all of you who participated!!

Oh boy, can't take so much awesomeness ♥ 


Much love and smiles,
Marta and Mafalda


  1. Hi! Can I enter the giveaway even if I don't have instagram?

    1. Hello Navisu,
      I don't like to leave people behind só lets find an option. Can you add US on twitter? We have same usernames as instagram.

  2. Olá! Adorei o sorteio e compartilhei no meu blog de DIVULGAÇÃO DE SORTEIOS:
    Confere lá e se curtir, segue! Beijo <3


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