December 28, 2015


We are in that time of the year when we look back and remember all that happened during the year. I know a bunch of people on my age - thirties - say that now they feel time flying big time. I don't feel the same way. I have done so much this year that I feel it was slow. Yeah guys, traveling gives you this feeling because you are always learning new things, making new friends, exploring new places. 
Grab a nice hot tea or coffee, a blanket, popcorn or cookies and get ready, this post is gonna be large and exciting :)


>> Me and Bruno couldn't start better the year celebrating New Year's Eve in Cartagena's streets. We met a group of argentinians and stayed all night long with them. Before, we had a multicultural dinner with a colombian family and a spanish guy, it was great! We almost forgot we got robbed the same day. 

>> Besides Colombia, we traveled Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil by land. Believe me, it was 4 incredibly intense months! We didn't organized a thing which was good because we were going with the flow and had beautiful surprises but also got lost, lost my mind and wasted time

>> I've done insane stuff, been in paradise many times, pinched myself to check if I was awake and to make sure all the surreal things I was watching were for real. 
♥ Exploring the sacred valley in Peru and unbelievable Machu Picchu
♥ Being in Amazon Rainforest for the first time
♥ Felt the power of Iguaçu Falls

>> The first time I felt cultural shock was when I lived one year in USA and then seemed it disappeared in my trips. But actually I was wrong. I felt cultural shock again in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia, it was suffocating and sad. Yes guys, I always show you the truth behind traveling, it can gives you pain and sadness. 

>> In October I spent one month in California but didn't have time to travel. I was working full on in housekeeping in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection. Yep, 1 MONTH WITHOUT INTERNET, I made it and still sane :) When I got back to Portugal I moved to Lisbon, where is my base now. (I have a base, wow, after 4 years living in the World)


>> Besides getting robbed twice for the first time in my life and all the cultural shock, I started pretty good this year in the stunning South America, cannot complain! Celebrated my birthday in Amazon of Ecuador with my beloved Bruno and Sam, my portuguese friend. How cool! 

>> Worked my butt off. I needed structure and a routine in my life so I believed the best way to achieve this was pretending I was a "normal" person and got a Summer job for 5 months. The beggining was fun and full of happiness but in the end  was taugh, I even wrote about being nomad soul and setttling down. I was so ready to go camping for a week and come back :) I'm glad I had great bosses and coworkers who switched schedules with me so I was able to attend festivals, parties and other fun Summer events. Love you guyyyyys! 
I also worked one month with 2 days off only in October, right after my Summer job. We were about to move to the most expensive city of Portugal so we tried to save as much as we could. 

>> Attended great events:
♥ Bloggers Camp was definitely one of the best weekends of the year! I connected with a lot of cool people with same interests as me. Who's better to talk about blogs then bloggers? Can't wait for 2016 edition! 

♥ Festival Med is the best thing about my hometown, love it! I get to see people I don't talk for ages. 

♥ Didgeridoo Festival, where I was a volunteer, what an experience in such magic place. 

♥ Terrakota - my fave portuguese band - concert TWICE this year. I danced all night long, love the energy created by this World Music with fusion band 

>> Went on a Boat Trip in the fascinating Caves in the beach. Had a great time with Bruno, mom, my australian cousin Helen and my youngest cousin Iris. I love family together for fun activities. 

>> Went to the beach every two days! I really enjoyed beach this Summer. I was living 5 minutes walking from the nearest :) 

>> The saddest happening of the year was, no doubt, the loss of Ricky, my parents dog. He died when he was only 5 years old with epilepsy. I didn't have anymore tears, he was part of the family and we love him so much. 

>> Dyed my hair purple!! Since I don't want any extreme hair cuts and I was sick of my hair I simply dyed it. Wait until you see next color :D


>> I was the most terrible blogger of the year :D I posted a total of 59 posts in 2015 and I'm a bit ashamed. Not that I didn't have ideas and wanted to share more stuff with you guys but my laptop was stolen in Ecuador and I only bought another one when came back to Portugal in the end of March. All this time I was frustrated because I wanted to write and words kept locked inside me. Then started working and didn't have time or didn't have new travel posts to share so neglected big time this lovely digital home of mine. October no internet connection and then moving. It was a busy year, so please don't blame me! 

>> I migrated to Wordpress in April and then regreted so went back to Blogger in the end of June. That's the reason why I don't have any comments and small amount of views on my blog posts those months. Actually I'm glad I didn't post much so I didn't have to edit so many posts hahahaha :D Silly Marta!

>> I started new series on the blog! It's called Family Travel Bloggers, an interview with families that travel with their kids. How inspirating! By the way, are you enjoying? Do you want s'more? 

>> And I discovered I love to write reviews! I give my opinions about booksaccomodation and restaurants. Get ready to see more of this in 2016 :)

I´m so ready for the coming year, I'm pretty sure is going to be full of awesome moments. I have a project in mind, let's see if happens :) And, of course, bring the travels! First one is booked for January already, this time will celebrate my birthday in Cambodia! Guys, if you are thinking about that travel for a while, DO IT! Go for it! You will be so happy you did. 

How was your 2015? Did it theat you well? Any goals for 2016? 


  1. It's true, doing new things all the time slows down time. I want to travel more in 2016, execute on more projects definitively, and get out in nature more. Loved reading your re-cap on your travels! It's always amazing what you do.

    1. Dear Van I really hope you go on with your travel plans, you have traveler spirit. I enjoyed to follow your year, you chances your life and doing something trully amazing :)

  2. Marta, you've done some amazing things in 2015! I really want to travel South America in 2016, maybe Peru, Bolivia and Chile, so whenever I see posts about it I get really inspired and motivated. I really really want to go to Argentina, but I don't know if the money is going to be enough, so probably I'll just book a flight to Lima and see how much I can do and where I can go with the Money I have! How did you get from Argentina to Bolivia? Bus, flight? I can't find a way to put Argentina in my travel plan without spending a lot of money...

    1. Bolivia is very cheap, Peru food is cheap and transportation is more or less, Chile and Argentina are expensive. I've done from Colombia to Brazil all by land. From Uyuni Salar in Bolivia I took a bus to Argentina, it took me ages in the border. Just travelled one week in Argentina in my way to Iguazu Falls (Argentina part).

      I think you should book one way ticket and see where the money goes. You still can find dorms in hostels in Argentina for 8€ but you have to share with 8 people. Food you can cook in the hostel :) Or you can do Couch Surfing in Chile and Argentina, saving in accomodation (free) and food (cooking at home, bringing sandwiches for the day) >>> you will be connecting with locals which is a +++.

      The cheapest flight back we found was from São Paulo, so you could do: Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil :) we spent around 2200€ in almost 5 months with some couch surfing and hitch hiking between.

      If you want we can skype or you can call me, so you can ask me anything!

  3. Wow, never thought it was so cheap. I'll probably be able to do more than what I think. Thank you for the tips, I will certainly ask more things! :)

    1. Remember that is not only how much you have to travel but the way you travel. Of course being on a budget you can't travel with a lot of comfort but that's the beauty of baxkpacking - to challenge yourself and being in situations you never had to deal before.

      But yeah, couch surfing and hitch Hiking help a lot, it's free! And the best: you meet locals easily, connecting directly with cultures :D

  4. Um ano em cheio!!! Adorei o post! Que 2016 traga mais viagens e boas experiências! :D

    1. Foi sim senhora. Obrigada Carina, desejo te exatamente o mesmo, muitas viagens e aventuras :) beijinhos*


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