January 8, 2016


Right after reviewing our last year it's time to make our goals list for the new year. For some reason I'm taking way too long to put together my goals for 2016 (Check 2014 and 2015 goals) Not that I have a bunch of dreams, hopes and plans but calling them goals is maybe too much. So this year I decided to make plans instead for 2016 and 2017 :) I'm doing this to myself because every year, even though I make a good job accomplishing my personal goals, I always leave some of them for next year(s). Also I figured out some of my goals aren't for that certain year but life goals, a process let's say. 

This year I wrote my plans in my agenda, as you can see in the image above. This way I can read them time to time and make sure I focus on my happiness.

1. Wear Braces - A goal from last year that will happen this year. It's my priority! 

2. Learn and practice more photography and video 

3. Start a Part-Time Job

4. Travel more in Europe - Until the end of 2017 I want to travel 50 countries. So far, I traveled 42.

5. Explore Lisbon

7. Give more love to my blogs and post more often

8. Start a Youtube Channel 

9. Buy a Van or Autocaravan

10. Write a book :)

Life Plans:

11. Use only natural detergents and hygiene products 

12. Exercise three times a week 

13. Eat healthy and drink water - I want to stop buying cookies and all food that comes from packages and cook them at home. More smoothies and detox in my life. 

14. Being more offline - Send postcards from my trips, write letters to my penfriends and write more in my journal.  

15. Do Volunteer Work

16. Spend more quality time with family

I'm not going to set any goals for reading or movies because I always suck :P I'm ready for you 2016! 
Wish you a Happy New Year with health, love, light, motivation, joy and at least one travel! 
Share your goals list link in the comments, would love to read yours! 

Pssst! Do you know portuguese? Now I also have a blog written in portuguese called Viver a Viajar. Come say Hi :)


  1. I only started to think about my 2016 goals already in 2016 too!
    I also want to start a youtube chanel! I'm planning the content I want to add, I hoping launching it in the next months :) But first I want to dedicate to my blogs too.

    1. Phew glad to know I'm not the only one ^_^ Hey maybe we could make a video together, I'd love to! I'm not shy but I think is weird to talk by yourself to a camera... With someone else sounds much better.


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