December 4, 2015


Exciting news! I finally booked my flight to Asia next month :) It's going to be a different travel because I "retired" from my backpacking life so I will bring a suitcase ahah Also I will travel only 5 weeks so I have to make the most of it. I usually don't travel less then three months so this time I gotta plan a little bit. And the most exciting thing: I will share this adventure with my best friend Ana :))) I love to travel with my partner Bruno but for a long time me and Ana wanted to go to some different country and explore together. Hopefully we will survive 24 hours together for so long! As a matter of fact we only get to see each other once or twice a year which is not a lot so this time we will make sure we will be sick of each other in a good way, of course. I feel I've been missing a bunch in her life. 

So, where are we going? 

Cambodia: We will celebrate my birthday in a crystal water beach while drinking coconuts :) There are some touristic things we gotta do and I really want to explore Angkor Wat for three days. 

Myanmar: No idea what to do here but I have a good feeling about this country. I guess it's not a typical travelers destination in Asia so we can still feel the vibe of the culture and essence. We will celebrate Ana's anniversary there!

Chiang Mai: I have been twice in Thailand and always missed the North of the country. I would like to find a retreat here or simply explore the mountains, hiking and enjoy nature. 

My minimalist side is saying I should bring all the clothes I don't wear anymore and leave them in an association to distribute among the population in need. Hopefully I'll find one in Cambodia in the very first days so I get an empty suitcase and a smile in the locals faces. 

Please: If you ever been in any of these places leave a comment with any tips, advice or whatever you think I should know. As you can see I haven't done a good homework yet but I will soon. Hello Pinterest! I prefer to hear your personal opinions first! 

Photo taken in Bagan, Myanmar. Found it here.


  1. I love that you're planning to give away clothes amongst the locals! That is so cool!

    A friend of mine wants to go to Myanmar next year and I confess a certain fascination with that country.

    I'm also kind of evying the thought of spending a birthday in such a place. That must be a magical experience, no doubt about it! :D

    Joan of July

    1. I love the clothes giveaway too, I have so many! When I think I got rid of all my stuff I find a surprise bag :P
      YEHHHH for Summer Birthdays! And for Winter breaks as well. You know I'm having a great time in Lisbon but cold weather is not for me.

      Hey why don't you pack your stuff and come to Myanmar? Let's goooo! Did you know that a facebook page I'm in made a study and Myanmar is among the most wanted travel destinations for 2016?


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