August 5, 2015


Funny that I talk about my travel stories and give you guys my personal traveling tips but don’t share much about my accomodation or didn’t write an accomodation review before. Does it make me a bad travel blogger? :P As a matter of fact, many hostels, hotels, campings I stayed before really deserve more love from me for being so awesome. What I enjoy most about the places we sleep is the feeling of being at home.

When I posted about our fabulous weekend at Bloggers Camp I noticed I picked a bunch of pictures of the interior of the hostel that hosted us. Bang! It’s about time to share my prespective from this hostel using both words and images.

Nice Way Sintra Palace is one of the most creative hostels I ever been in my life. And you know, I’m traveling for 7 years, 4 years as a lifestyle. I think the owners have pretty good eye when they thought about opening an hostel in this old house. They took advantage of the antique lamps, huge windows, wooden stars and built a catchy atosmosphere where you have the feeling I told above: being at home.

The decoration of the hostel is a mix between old times and modern, I love it! There are details all over the place, we are talking about two floors with vintage typewritter, radio, frames, mirrors…

You know I travel in a budget and many times we can’t choose the prettiest hostel because we can’t afford. Being here was like being part of a fairytale, I was daydreaming all the time about how was this place was 50 years ago… awkward I know but I lost my thoughts in the past and ok, I’m super curious.

It’s important to say that the hostel was clean all the time, in the kitchen, stairs, outside, dorms, you could actually smell clean in the air :)

Also, it’s situated near the centre which is awesome because you don’t need to walk a lot to reach the busiest part of Sintra and it’s chilled far away from the noise.

Congrats staff! You guys rock, five stars. Imagine 30 something bloggers around the hostel all weekend, yelling, taking pictures, asking tons of things… Always patient, friendly and helpful with a smile in their face all the time. Thanks a lot!!

Look the view outside! It’s a pretty garden with a good size with matresses, swings made out of pallets, green grass, heaven really. We spent mostly of the time outside, even for the workshops! This is the real Camp (oh well no tents)!

I highly recommend this accomodation to anyone who’s heading to Sintra, I’m pretty sure you will love the experience.

Do you like to stay in hostels when traveling?

Find Nice Way Sintra Palace in their site and facebook.

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