August 3, 2015


Since I’m not traveling right now and don’t think I will be traveling the next months (OMG! I feel so good in my home enjoying each bit of this Summer) I think would be cool to share my daily life. Who doesn’t like to take a peek in a girl’s bag? Let’s see what usually I bring in my beach bag!

:: Backpack :: I bought a handmade handbag that turns into a towel in Festival MED, I love this 2 in 1 items but I can’t leave my backpack at home. It’s so useful with many hidden zippers and easy to grab place in the back. Backpacker for life, yeah!

:: Pareo :: Do you still use a towel? Oh boy you are missing out. Pareos are just so light, perfect size and pretty! First I thought I’d mess up with the sand and then would be all wet but no, actually it’s pretty cleaned all the time and quick to dry.

:: Sunglasses :: My round face doesn’t let me wear cool sunnies, I love the trend of vintage inspired ones but I look like a fly, they just don’t fit me. So I just got this ones for 5 euros in the gypsy market.

:: Thermos :: My water is always cold now. If you are sick of water add some mint leaves or cinnamon sticks or lemon or ginger or mix all together.

:: Sun Lotion :: Many years of neglecting my skin and get serious burns few times during Summer session and I got many marks, my back is compared as a grandmother back… really. Now I’m conscious about sun in my skin, it’s not that I love Vitamin D but I also don’t wanna get any disease (and auucchhh tourist with red skin just make me cry). Anyone out there knows about any organic brand for sun lotion?

:: Coin Purse :: I don’t particulay love my coin purse or stuff saying I LOVE this and that (Sorry Carla. I still use it though!) but plastic ones are just perfect, especially if you have a 50 euro banknote and don’t want it to get soaked hehe Why money to the beach? Sometimes I feel like having an ice-cream or a nice cold beer or bola de berlim (portuguese pastry that is best in the beach, don’t ask me why)

:: Book :: Do you believe only this Summer I manage to read books in the beach? Before I’d fall asleep or couldn’t because of too much sun but now I’m so happy that I don’t need to wait for Winter to read books again, yeeesss!

:: Cell phone :: If I’m alone in the beach too many hours I can get bored so I just call a friend or two. And now that I have a smartphone I can take beautiful pictures to post in social media and make everyone who is working in an office jealous hihih Mostly of the times I prefer to leave at home on purpose so I can be off tecnology and relax.

I’m minimalist even when going to the beach :) Am I missing something important here? What usually do you bring to the beach?

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