July 17, 2015


If I’m in Portugal in the end of June there’s no way I’m gonna miss this Festival. It’s a World Music Festival where bands and singers from the 4 corners of our Planet come to share their talents and culture. It’s also the perfect meeting point for friends that we don’t get to see for a long time. Yep, it’s in my hometown Loulé.

Old Town is pretty well preserved and the festival organization closes this area for 3 days so we can travel around the World with delicious cuisine and drinks, amazing music, inspiring crafts and so on. My fave program here is to arrive when doors open at 7pm, walk around the narrow streets for an hour and admire the stalls with handmade goodies directly from the World. Then, go for some dinner, usually a greek vegetarian kebab. After my stomach is happy, it’s time to get ride of all those calories and energies accumulated during the week and dance! There are 6 stages going on at the same time, sometimes is so hard to choose only one. This year my heart went to Babylon Circus and Skip&Die both palyed on Thursday. Usually my favorite day of the festival since there’s not many people and somehow musical bands are better.

I prepared some collages for you guys. I was frustrated that my camera is still getting fixed so I had to use a compact camera with low quality. First day of MED I even brought a selfie stick, the best thing for 2015!! Really I love it. But we partied so hard that I broke it, we still had tons of fun taking pics with everyone around hehe

The only down point of the festival is that you cannot camp there. There are plenty of spots to park the car but there’s no place we can leave our tent. This festival opens at 7pm and closes around 4am. By this time cops will ask you to leave… bummer! Sometimes you are just having a great conversation or just having a couple of drinks and simply gotta leave.

You can read about Festival MED 2014 here. Hope to see you in this festival one day :D

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