July 22, 2015


Heya there, how is everyone doing? Melting like an ice-cream? This Summer is soooo hot, I wanna travel somewhere below 30ºC in August. Any suggestions?

I don’t post a Shanti Favorites since February, as you can see I’m pretty consistent #badbadblogger. To be different, I decided to post about other blog posts I saved in Bloglovin (btw, have you added me already?) only. Ready, set, go!
I have this goal that until the end of this year I will stop buying beauty products in supermarkets full of toxic ingredients, terrible for my skin and myself. Also, I’m more aware about what we throw in the nature and since I need Mother Earth to live I decided to only use organic products. Oh is it cheaper? Bonus! I wanna try all these Five Natural Beauty DIYs especially the toothpaste, it looks super easy! Anybody out there who tried to make their own toothpaste and/or deo?

Paris wasn’t my cup of tea until I have seen these gorgeous pictures of the guys from We Blog You. Really guys? Another place for my looong travel list? I usually don’t go to the same place twice because I want to keep the memories of the first time, there’s nothing like first love, right? Let’s give a second chance to romantic Paris. All the awesomeness can be seen here and here.

Marielle was a bit afraid to backpack solo in Southeast Asia but it was in her bucket list and she made it! Three months of fun, learning and great memories. She made a brilliant packing list all travelers should check first before heading to their trip. I consider myself a good packer but will definitely print out this list to have with me next time traveling.

It’s not the first time a blogger talks about Flow Magazine, but Bianca, oh Bianca! She posted pictures of theinside of this wonderful magazine, I have no words to express my happiness everytime I see these images… all colors, designs, inspiring sentences, mind and soul exercises, etc. Can I have the whole collection pretty please?

Sophie always surprises me with her super interesting posts! She writes these series about Conscious Living with a bunch of cool links. This post specifically talks about avoiding plastic in our lives (such a dangerous material for all beings), good reads, decluttering your mind and delicious + healthy recipes. (Pssstt – Take a look at her lovely ethnic shop)

I have dozens of nice posts to show you but they are in portuguese. I guess I will loose my mind soon and start a portuguese blog :D (Someone please stop me?! I can hardly update this blog!)

Have a wonderful weekend loves (irish inspired) or mates (australian inspired)!

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