September 14, 2014


Who said men haven't good taste for house decoration? Danny Brito opened up his home front door and we could see magic happening. I adore his vintage-modern-handmade style home and I admit I kinda envy his pyrex collection. Such a dreamy kitchen! And who wouldn't like to have such beautiful workplace or cozy living room. Hey Danny can I be your roomate? ^_^

Do you still buy your laundry soap? I haven't test this recipe yet but I will, I will!! Shandy tried different recipes and this is her favorite. There are easy diys in all internet to make our own beauty and laundry products, mostly are eco-friendly and pocket-friendly ^_^

 8 Ways to be more in the moment when you travel is exactly what you need to know to help you to feel free and enjoy each second of your trip. I think people should take one day per month in their lives and follow these advices, even if they aren't traveling.

Are you bored? Have no idea what to do today? This list will help you to find something to do. Since is still warm around here I'd go for the outdoors activities. [unknown source]

I enjoyed so much to read about these new age gypsies generation influenced (or not) by tecnology and modern time. Actually they own caravans with horses, do you want more sustainable life then this? I'd like to experience living like a nomad for a while but I know I couldn't do it for my entire life.

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