September 27, 2014


One ♥ First time my friends see me blond they simply don't reconize me! I mean childhood friends, tweenty years old we know eachother. Something like: I see a friend, I wave all excited and they make this face: "Who the hell is this person I never met before?" and I go like "It's meeee Marta!" when I smile, they finally reconize me.

Two ♥ Since we are mostly latinos in Portugal with dark brown eyes and hair, when men see a blond they can go really crazy. Even if I dress like a freak they will say something like "Uhhh blondie you look so hot!"  There was this guy who pulled over his car just to send me a kiss with his lips. Geeez!

Three  ♥ The maintenance sucks! It's an hard work dude! If you go to the beach all day you gotta use hair sun lotion, if you go to the swimming pool better not dive and make it wet, special expensive mask for bleached hair and the list goes on. My hair grows fast so I have to retouch my roots every 2 weeks (I obviouly don't do that). Way tooooo much work just for hair!

Never in my life I thought to be blond, I think it doesn't match with my personality but I enjoyed to experience how is it to be in a blond side. I bleached my hair because I wanted to dye it a bright color, I was sick of having 4 different colors in my hair. Dyeing my hair orange was a big mistake, it's a hard color to get out of your hair. I just delay to dye it the color I wanted and now I'm finally free to do it, yey! Pictures of the new hair soon :) 


  1. Yay! So new hair now? :}}}}
    1) is funny, 2) is hahaha yesssss I knoooooooo'... :p
    and 3) lots of maintaining conditioners masks sprays bla & blahhhhh yessss :( So I understand! Yes it is visible very soon too etc, I am also all for natural shades ...
    Show your new one soon! xo

    1. :))) yay!
      and thank you for your comment to me .... I am down and wrote it in despair :(((
      feeling a bit lost :((( Hugs, hope ur okkkkk!!!! xo

    2. Feeling lost? Take it easy and be patient, soon a message will come to you =)

    3. .. and true, I need to work on being patient lol


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