August 19, 2014


 When writting this post about the most beautiful roads I ever been I noticed that I didn't post about the wonderful Great Ocean Road in Australia... and also, I didn't post any pictures of Melbourne!! What? Melbourne is on my list of "Cities I'd live for a year", that would be possible if portuguese could get the Working Holiday Visa for one year but sadly there's no agreement between Australia and Portugal. Bummer!

 The water colors were so dreamy, they remind me the caribean sea and how much I wanted to be there right now :D

 Can I have this van? Please? I have tons of vans and autocaravans photos I take on my trips and I always dream about driving one in places with no people, exploring places that weren't touched for a long time.
 These are the Twelve Apostles, now a days the Eight Apostles. They are tourism famous, I hope they don't become at the point of Three Apostles!
 Introducing my dear cousin Helen, she's really a sweetheat! I didn't have any bikini (couldn't wear it in Asia for obvious reasons!) so she bought me this australian flag bikini haha At least I could finally go for a swim!

This rock made me drop a tear! What the heck is a rock with a Luis de Camões verse doing in Australia? Off course it has something to do with ocean and discovers. I will try to translate literally: "There we go, opening up these seas, no generation ever opened up them before" Makes any sense?! :D

Hope these pictures brought you joy :) Is there any specific place in Australia you would love to visit?  


  1. I would love to visit AU!!! and NZ!!! Yey, you have been there Chica, too ?? :}} Whoaaaaaa and you say something about no agreement but can you visit, right?! Cheers

    1. You would love it! Portuguese people can go to australia on a tourist visa for 90 days, but for ex. French, grrman or spanish have this working holiday visa for one year, not fair at all since we all belong to the european union. I wouldn't think twice and take advantage of this working visa, would be a wonderful experience ♡

    2. Oic, maybe it would change?!?! Only that AU + NZ are soooo far, and for traveling and a Pet and seeing back family members is harder ... if only NZ would be like close, I would move! :D


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