August 14, 2014


Is it already middle of August? Common! Really? Do you have this same feeling that time flies during Summer time? So much to do, so many outdoor activities, parties, bbqs, picnics, beach, lake, hiking and the list goes on and on. 

I just came back to my hometown and I completly forgot how packed it can get with tourists during this season. It's a mess but I'm happy that income is coming to my neighbours, friends and family. I'm happy I came from a place where many people consider a paradise. I don't really need to go too far to enjoy a good beach or a enjoyable walk. Weather here is perfect!

I'm grateful for whoever had the brilliant idea of scheduled blog posts, literally saved my life for these last 2 weeks... Yes you're right my dear, it's the first time I'm typing in real time on August. To be honest, I don't really enjoy 100% the idea of schedule posts, the inspiration of the moment brings the best of you and I feel I can express myself much better buuuuuutttt I didn't want to abandon my blog, it's my virtual house and I missed it so much! 

I have tons to catch up with you guys, especially my intense Boom Festival experience, I'll post about it soon. I thought about attending Free Flow Festival right after Boom but I didn't have the energy. Do you believe that the day I arrived after Boom I slept all day and night long? I told you it was intense ;) 
 There's a lot to look forward these next days: my close girl friends (teenager times) who are living around the World will be here for the last 2 weeks of August!! YES!! Veronica is living in New York, Rita in Brazil,  Silvia in UK and Susana in Switzerland. I don't get to see them for 1 or 2 years, it's been way too long :) I don't need to be a medium to guess that a lot of party and beach are going on these days around here. 

I'm going to enjoy each second with these ladies and also my freedom, because on September I'm heading to France to work picking up grapes. It's a tough job I've never experienced but is well paid and well, I'll be in France :)

More warm news are coming including my South America Trip! Yehhh! For now I'm gonna have yummie dinner with my parents and brothers (dog and cat always included) and then going for some beers in the (crowded) local pub. 

Are you enjoying your Summer Time? Did you manage to travel? If you need inspiration go to Pinterest and type "Summer Time", I'm still in heaven with such pretty images! 
Images Sources: One | Two | Three (the given links of one and three goes to a scarf?!)


  1. Oh my .. I thought it was youuuuuu on the 1st pic when I saw ... I also love the 3rd one so much! And I knooooow .. I am so behind, that noooo way .. I visited countries and still could not blog about them (yet) so I feel ya .. Hold on, France, where?! I am there now! and did you say South America? Super jealous now.... :-)))))) Bon voyage, Missy!

    1. Oh yeah thats right you are currentky living in France! Either going to Champagne or Bordeux, as soon as I know I wil tell you, would be awesome to meet up there =)))

  2. Bordeaux is the spelling ehehe :-) and currently am in the South but only for a few weeks.
    XO When and where do you go exactly in South of America? Yay!

  3. oh boy my french sucks hehe Will be in South America in the end of the year. c-a-n-t w-a-i-t!

    1. Ooooooo, I sooo wanna see Argentina, Peru, etc aaaaa! I guess first I will see your pics! :P


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