June 1, 2014


Happy Children's Day everyone! Yes, everyone because every single person has an inner child right? I hope so. Look at my lil' pet brothers, the (adorable) children of the family. Love youuu! 

 Right before leaving to our Road Trip in Portugal we joined a real party, those in the middle of Nature, 24 hours, with good psychedelic music and beautiful people, oh yeah! Big thanks to the organizations: Safe Nature Project and Soft Fire, we are lucky to have you in the South of Portugal.

 In our Road Trip we've seen SO MANY castles and villages! Portugal is the Land of History and well, better have a castle when you are so close to Spain, never know if the neighbors want to conquer our land hehe (love you spanish people!)

 The area of Foz Coa is to die for. The Douro River, together with Coa River and all grape and olive trees plantations makes this landscape unique and stunning. More about our road trip here and here.

Meo OutJazz is a pretty cool event going on during Summer Time in Lisbon (of course in Lisbon!). Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday there're few bands or a DJ playing different kinds of music (not only jazz) in a different park in Lisbon and it's free entrance. Bring a carpet, beers and your friends, all set for a relaxing and beautiful afternoon :)

Bruno's Birthday was a real blast! We drank mojitos, ate snails with beer (pretty usual snack for this season in Portugal and they are super delicious) and went for a underground concert of oldschool hip hop singers at night ^__^

Since we are not working, me and Bruno decided to order some flyers from vistaprint and promote Elsa's (Bruno's mom, a sweetheart) theraphies. Oh yes, you right, I get relaxing massages for free :))

My last days weren't that fun. As soon as I got in Algarve I got sick with a flu and dhiarrea, geez! I only have 4 days here with my friends and haven't seen them yet. Been at my parent's doing nothing but sleeping and watching South Park and Storage Wars. I also have seen Frozen and Non-Stop, I recommend both movies.

Got into a new DIY project, will show you details about this during next week. Stay tuned! I can't believe I was able to cut this wonderful vintage fabric, I'm working on my attachments!

Now it's time to get up, after 3 days at home I finally feel capable to live again. And guess what? It's Rita's birthday (my sister, not blood but heart sister) and we will celebrate hard. Tomorrow I'm off for a new adventure of three weeks, more coming soon.

Have a super productive week dear readers! Don't leave for tomorrow whatever you can do today ;)


  1. Yay! We also thought today of Children's Day with my Mom ;-))
    and have not yet been to Portugal but will 1 day for sure...
    The drinks look yummy, and the snails would leave for ya' if you do not mind :pp
    Get better soon Lady & also yay for the Diy project!

    1. Snails are so damn good :)

    2. Hehehe I just can't, so more for you :D
      (I did live in France..)

  2. Portugal é mesmo bonito e essa zona de Foz Coa é mesmo como dizes, linda de morrer!

    1. Adorei tb ver as plantações de oliveiras e vindimas nas montanhas, era tão bom ver plantações assim em todo Portugal, temos recursos para plantar e não aproveitamos...

  3. Sounds like fun times indeed! Fascinated by the big plate of snails. What do they taste like? :D

    1. they taste like popcorn haha nahhh kidding! If they were boiled I believe they'd like terribly but we cook them with oregano, garlic, bay leaves, piri piri (aka very spicy sauce)... each person add the ingredients they prefer.

      But I think snails are more a socialize snack, you eat snails with toast and drink, beer while you chat with your friends and have a good time.

      Such a shame you are vegan Van, otherwise you'd love this! ;)

    2. Popcorn :D :D :D
      I also have an issue with its "look" .. but everyone should do what they like, right?! haha


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