June 24, 2014


"Don't be sad because you're leaving, be happy because it happened". This quote translates every single thought of my mind right now. 

Mostly of volunteer work I've done was charity related, so this is another beautiful experience to add to my life. I didn't know what to do on June, no travels planned, so I headed to Tipi Algarve for 3 weeks to be a volunteer. My job was cleaning the tipis, weeding and make sure the whole place was looking neat. In return I had accomodation and food (vegetables and fruit from the garden included), didn't spend a cent while I was there.

I'm very greatful for this experience, I achieved two important 2014 goals: meditate every day and do volunteer work. I felt useful, met interesting travelers, connected with Mother Nature, relaxed. 
But nothing in life is perfect. Soon I understood that a cleaning job is not for me. But for 3 weeks, that's reasonable and I won't die. For sure I respect cleaning ladies more then ever :) I was lucky, usually June is quiet and July/August a bunchhh of clients are coming. 
Also, the isolation was killing me. It's nice to spend time with yourself but there's a urgent need of a different scenario. I don't have a car and the place is in the middle of nature. Not so far from some cool towns but the bus was expensive. I did some hitch hiking :) 
These are some peeks from this beautiful place that was my home for 3 weeks: 

Three weeks was exactly the right time to think about life and how to improve myself as an human being, I still have a looooong way.

For now Iam focusing on the beauty of daily life and yeah Festival Med that's is coming to town tomorrow until Saturday! Four days of World Music, oh boy how I miss to dance my ass of with my dear friends. And in the meanwhile I'm planning my next trip on July, more details later (I'm super dupper excited to hug my best friend soon!!).     


  1. Bem, encontrar o teu blog foi uma das minhas melhores descobertas! Li do inicio até ao fim e vivi todas as tua aventuras como se fossem minhas! Sempre achei que fosse uma free spirit, mas nunca encontrei ninguém com quem partilhar e achei que nunca me entendiam sempre que dizia que queria viajar sem saber o que o futuro me reserva!
    Neste momento estou a viver em NY, se um dia pensares em visitar es sempre bem-vinda :)


    1. You made my day Diana :))) Grata por leres as minhas palavras e transmitires os teus pensamentos. O que se passa é que vivemos numa sociedade alienada/formatada e tudo o que fizeres de diferente é visto como censura, mas nós não lhes ligamos nenhuma né? O importante é seguirmos o nosso coração.
      Fui 3x a NY quando vivia nos EUA e gostei muito da dinâmica da cidade, sem duvida que se voltar saberás antes para podermos dar uma voltinha no Central Park ou mostrares as zonas secretas de NY que só os locais conhecem ;)

  2. That place is amaaaazing! I want to do volunteer work this year too but haven't made it happen, bad me. Admire that you did it even if it didn't work out in the end.

    1. Hmm? It did work out pretty good all the time. I was just saying that 3 weeks is the perfect timing to stay there, due to isolation :)

  3. Hey there, I was away a bit and busy and just wanted to ask how was your volunteering going on =) Glad, it was a nice experience!


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